Elements of Performance: Job Postings

There are two driving factors when it comes to improving job posting performance: Relevance and Promotion.

Relevance is determined through a number of elements – a standard job title, job description details, location, salary, etc. That’s why creating complete and quality job ad content is so important. The more information you provide in each job posting will increase its relevance and better match against a candidate’s job search – pushing it toward the top of results.

When you promote a job you will expand your reach and improve your ranking – gaining more exposure and applies. But you must also consider all of the elements in the relevance category, to really drive performance and attract the right fit for your positions.

Ready to stand out in search results? Here’s a list of what you should incorporate into every job you post:

Job Title

Don’t get creative. Choose an industry standard job title your ideal candidate would search for. Pro tip: Use one of the job title suggestions that pop up as you type for better ranking in search results.

Also, enter only one job title – adding more than one will hurt your ranking. Keep it under 60 characters and do not add anything extra to the title:

  • No Salary
  • No Location
  • No Abbreviations all caps or punctuation (e.g. %, $, @, /, #, !)
  • No Calls to Action

Check out the SOC 2010 List for industry standard job titles.

    • Receptionist
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Certified Public Accountant
    • Director of First Impressions
    • Customer Service Rep/Call Center Specialist/Service Advisor
    • CPA: $150K – Arlington – Apply Now!!

Job Location

When creating a job posting for a remote position, select Remote in the location section and then select a country. Be sure to include the word “remote” or like terms (work from home, telecommute, flexible workplace, etc.) within your job description text to increase your presence in searches that use this filter.

If on-site, enter the primary location where the employee will work. Provide the street address, city, state, ZIP code, and country. “Jobs near me” is a very popular search, so it’s important to be clear about your location.

  • 200 Bay St., San Jose CA 95134, US

  • CA 95134, US

Company Name

Since candidates appreciate transparency and are more likely to apply if they can do a little company research, make sure to include your full company name.

Pro Tip: Leave the location out of it.
You might be tempted to add an identifier to your location, but this will only hurt your ranking in searches.

  • Clyde’s Coffeehouse

  • Clyde’s Coffeehouse on First Ave.

Employment Type

Be clear about the employment type for each position so candidates will know exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking to fill a part-time contractor, you can choose both options from this list.

Salary Range

Salary is one of the primary considerations in a job search and a significant driver when applying. In fact, 82% of US ​workers are more likely to apply when salary is listed ​on the job ad.1

Just know, salary disclosure may be required by law, depending on where you hire.
As various pay transparency laws sweep the country, it’s essential to remain compliant within every state that you hire. Stay informed with our Pay Transparency & Salary Disclosure resource and see how employers are benefiting from new regulations.

Quality Job Description

This is where you sell the job to your qualified candidates. To boost your position in search results, make sure to include your company name in your description as well as a variety of keywords that candidate’s may search for. Plus, follow these job ad writing tips:

  • Be clear and concise
    Describe your company and the job, but no one wants to read a novel to decide if they’re a good fit for this role.
  • Sell the position
    Why would someone want to work for you over a competitor? Growth opportunities? Exciting projects? Better location? An inclusive environment?
  • Go beyond bulleted lists
    Provide a little insight into your company values and culture. Plus, a friendly and inviting tone can do wonders when it comes to response rates.
  • Read Master the Job Description
    In this article, we take you through each section of a job description and show you how to craft a well written, organized ad that will attract candidates and encourage applies.

Branding Elements: Logos, Videos & More

Infuse your employer brand positioning statement wherever you can and add some visuals to make your job ad more impactful:

  • Including your company logo in your job ad will help it stand out in search results and make it more memorable to candidates.
  • Create a Company Profile to tell candidates more about your company and opportunities. Incorporate your employer brand messaging and position your company as an employer of choice. You can also feature your logo and a video to help candidates recognize your culture, work environment and everything you have to offer.
  • Videos can give candidates an inside look into everything you have to offer, from the office environment to the company culture – and they can really help you engage qualified candidates. 78% of recruiters using video say it has helped increase the quality of applications. Add one to your job ad or Company Profile today! 2

Promotion Budget

One of the best ways to enhance your exposure in search results (on Monster and throughout our extensive network) is to promote your job. You can choose the budget based on the estimated number of applicants and you only pay if a candidate clicks, taps or swipes to view your job ad. For more details, check out the Promoting Your Monster Job Ads article.

Make sure your job ads get the attention they deserve by incorporating these elements of performance. Putting these strategies into practice will elevate your position in search results and attract a larger pool of qualified candidates for your open roles.


1 SHRM, 2023