Sponsored Content with Military.com

It’s an article takeover and your recruitment brand is center stage! Capture the attention of the highly-engaged Military.com audience and drive qualified traffic directly to your site from multiple on-page ad placements. There are two types of Sponsored Content opportunities – Evergreen and Custom. We’ll outline them below to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Evergreen Sponsored Content

  • Sponsor an existing, “evergreen”  Military.com article.

    The Military.com content team will help you find an article within the existing content library that is relevant to your brand and industry.

Custom Sponsored Content

  • Create a new custom article from scratch with your keywords, images, and videos.

    The Military.com team will partner with your subject matter expert to create article content that will resonate with the military audience and align with your targeting strategy. (500-1500 words)

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Each sponsored content offering includes:

  • Sponsorship recognition and logo at the top of the article
  • Three hyperlinks within the body of the article
  • 100% SOV of all ads surrounding the content
  • In-article native text and logo ad
  • Custom call to action and link at the end of the article to drive response and conversions
  • Various traffic drivers on-site, newsletters, and sponsored links
  • Campaign Performance Data: Provided 3 business days after the sponsorship period has ended and will include the number of ad impressions, clicks on the article as well as the number of traffic driver impressions and clicks.