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Broad Candidate Reach

Grab the attention of more candidates, as your Job Ad is distributed across the Monster network, 1,000 newspaper partner sites and our mobile apps.

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Qualified Candidates Delivered

Receive qualified resumes two ways. Get up to 20 resumes in addition to Job Ad applies. Or, easily source candidates with our advanced matching technology.

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Easy Candidate Communication

Target and automatically send custom emails to qualified active and passive candidates, across Monster's talent database.

Easily source candidates matching your needs, from our expansive talent database.

Cut your search time.

Stop plowing through piles of resumes. With our advanced search technology, you'll be served more accurately matched, better quality candidates, scored and ranked. No Job Ad required.

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Monster Power Resume Search helps ensure that the only resumes I am reviewing are from qualified candidates, helping save time and allowing us to be much more efficient in our recruiting.
Michael Pio,
Recruiting Director, Anistar Technologies

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