Candidate Privacy

One of the most important drivers of brand loyalty is trust – especially when it comes to privacy. Allowing job seekers the flexibility to choose who has access to their personal information is paramount to developing a strong, trustworthy partnership that will keep top talent coming back to Monster – and to your jobs. Read on to see how Monster is making this happen.

Visibility Options

When a candidate sets up their profile, there are three visibility options to choose from within their Privacy and Communications settings.

Click the tabs below to view each selection and what it means for you as an employer.


If a candidate selects Visible to employers:

You will be able to find these candidates in search results, view their contact information and resume, and connect with them through your resume search messaging tools.

Building Trust for a Lasting Relationship

Monster will always provide employers the opportunity to make connections with top talent, but we recognize that access to personal information needs to be on the candidate’s terms. Fostering a safe environment by providing the parameters they need to feel respected and protected in the job search process is paramount to building lasting partnerships and, in turn, a reliable candidate database you can count on.