Military Appreciation Month Sponsorships

The month of May is set aside every year to honor and pay tribute to our military members, veterans and their families. Sponsor three key holidays in the month of May: Military Appreciation Month, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.

  • Align your employer brand with Holiday Content Centers and Special Edition Newsletters.
  • Position your company as a Military-Friendly Employer during one of the year’s peak traffic months for
  • Engage the military community with your branded high-impact units through brandscapes, roadblocks, solo emails, and social media posts.

The Premier Sponsorship Package Includes:

  • 1 day Veteran Jobs Front-Door Brandscape + Roadblock 300×250 during Military Appreciation Month
  • Veteran Careers & Veterans Insider Special Edition Newsletters Featured Link
  • Military Appreciation Month ROS Banners
  • Military Appreciation Month Center Employer Spotlight
  • Promoted Social Post

Details & Specs

Holiday & Service Birthday Content Center Ad Rotation: 300×250; 728×90; Featured Placement 300×100; Mobile 320×50; Mobile 300×250

Includes featured placements in these newsletters:

  • Veterans Insider Special Edition
  • Veteran Careers Special Edition

Homepage Roadblock: 300×250; 728×90

ROS Premium Units: 300×250;728×90; Native Inline; Mobile 320×50