Veterans Day Sponsorship

Each year, features special content for Veterans Day, marking the time of the year when we stand united in respect to those who have served. Sponsor ads and content specially targeted to our military job seeker audience during the month of November and Veterans Day. See how you can align your company with the history of the holidays, special tributes, discounts, and events for the Veteran community.

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Your Premier Sponsorship Includes:

  • 1 day Veteran Jobs Front-Door Brandscape + Roadblock 300×250 during week of Veterans Day (excludes 11/11)
  • Veteran Careers & Veterans Insider Special Edition Newsletters Featured Link
  • Veterans Day ROS Banners
  • Veterans Day Center Employer Spotlight
  • Promoted Social Post

Details & Specs

Holiday & Service Birthday Content Center Ad Rotation: 300×250; 728×90; Featured Placement 300×100; Mobile 320×50; Mobile 300×250

Includes featured placements in these newsletters:

  • Veterans Insider Special Edition
  • Veteran Careers Special Edition

Homepage Roadblock: 300×250; 728×90

Mobile Homepage Roadblock: 300×250; 320×50

ROS Billboard: 970×250

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