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Posting a Job Ad (3 mins)
Learn how to quickly create and post a job ad.
Managing Job Ads (2 mins)
See how to easily access, edit and keep track of your job ads.
Hiring Library (2 mins)
Check out where your saved jobs and letters are stored, and see how they can help you be more efficient.
Monster Job Ads Recorded Webinar (33 mins)
Let our training experts show you how to build your own job ad.


As you walk through the job ad process, red asterisks will indicate required fields. Just know that Monster urges all employers to complete as many fields as possible when posting their job ads for improved search rankings.

Yes, you can. Although we recommend including a company name for best results, you have the option to keep the company name confidential. Just check the box under the Company Name field at the beginning of the job ad creation process. If the box is checked, no logo or company name will display in the ad and the company name in the job search results will be listed as “Company Confidential.”

Selecting the option is not recommended for companies with custom templates and custom apply. Also, check your job description to be sure it does not include unwanted company information.
You should also review your choice of contact method. For added confidentiality, we recommend choosing Candidates apply online and are managed using my Monster account. When you choose apply online as a contact method, Job Seekers will apply on Monster and we will forward responses to the Manage Candidates section and/or to you via email (check your Account Settings to change this.) Because Job Seekers will apply on Monster, providing additional contact information is not required.

Warning: If you choose Candidates contact me directly as your contact method, all provided/checked information (email/phone) will be included on your ad.

Use the Preview Your Job function to see exactly how it will appear on the Monster site.

Yes, you can – and it’s very easy. Our Manage Job Postings  article can give you more information on the actions you can take on your open and expired job ads.

Yes, you can – and it’s very easy. Our Manage Job Postings  article can give you more information on the actions you can take on your open and expired job ads.

Of course. You wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel every time you need to post the same job. After you enter your job details, check the box next to Save Job to Hiring Library and it will be added to your Saved Jobs.

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