Recruitment Advertising FAQs

Questions about your next recruitment advertising campaign? We have all the answers. Whether you’re looking to learn more about Social Job Ads, Premium Job Ads, Monster’s Audience Network, placements, or Fastweb media, this page can help.

General FAQs

Reporting is provided on a monthly basis, for the following products:

  • Monster Audience Network
  • Custom Social Job Ads
  • Military Media
  • Fastweb Media

Premium Job Ad reporting is provided biweekly, and Standard Social Job Ad reporting can be sent upon request. Contact your Sales Representative or Media Program Manager for assistance with any ad hoc requests.

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. This represents the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is viewed (impressions).

For example: If your ad has 5 clicks and it was viewed by 100 people, your CTR would be 5%.

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions. Many media products are sold by quantity of impressions, and this is your cost method for those solutions.

An impression is a view of an advertisement. Monster Recruitment Ads that are sold on an impression basis, include reporting to track the number of impressions contracted verses the number of impressions delivered.

Although recruitment advertising can increase your reach and lead to higher job views, we cannot guarantee that those clicks will result in applications.

Recruitment advertising does more than drive traffic to your jobs, it increases employer brand awareness, diversifies your pool of applicants, boosts visibility of hiring events, and puts your opportunities in front of your target audience where they are online. Think of every campaign as a way to move your employer brand forward.

Yes, you can! Video is a great way to engage with an online audience. Check out our social job ads, and premium job ads to learn more about the video specs required.

Yes, Monster pulled together a few recommendations for reaching and engaging with your target audience. Read Recruitment Advertising Tips for Success to make sure you get the most out of your ads.

Yes we can! Monster offers Creative Design Services if you are unable to provide your own display banners. In addition, some of our ad formats offer co-branded text/logo templates as well.

If you are looking for something more visual or customized, our design team can help with:

  • Providing images to launch your social campaigns
  • Display banner ads (including 300x250, 728x90, 320x50, and 1200x628)
  • HTML files for our email solutions
  • Copywriting services to elevate your employer brand messaging

Reach out to your Media Program Manager to see how we can assist.

Your Media Program Manager will partner with you to collect any assets you can provide (brand colors, images, logos, etc.). After asset handoff, your ads will be delivered for review within 5-7 business days.

Your Media Program Manager can have a conversation with you about your target audience and develop a Recruitment Advertising campaign that will help you reach your recruitment goals. Promote your job fairs, career site, internships, or job opportunities, and attract veterans, students and recent grads, as well as candidates with specific interests and experience. There really is a solution for every hiring need:

  • Social Job Ads: Target by location, interests, and more to put your opportunities front and center on Facebook, Instagram, and X.
  • Premium Job Ads: Post your job and have it automatically featured on social media and Monster’s vast network of sites.
  • Monster Audience Network: Monster will strategically place your display ads throughout its network of sites to reach active and passive candidates where they are online.
  • Fastweb: Target college-bound students and parents for your entry-level positions, internships, hiring events and more through email campaigns, display ads, sponsorships and more.
  • Ready to reach top veterans and reservists? We offer a number of ways to put your opportunities and employer brand in front of this highly skilled talent pool.

Social Job Ads

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Monster can absolutely post your social job ads on our handle, but we recommend authorizing Monster to use your company’s handle when posting your social job ads. This gives you the ability to interact with comments, likes and shares. Plus, every company can benefit from that logo/link back to their social media pages. You’ll put your employer brand in front of a targeted audience of your choosing and gain a few more followers in the process. Learn more about Monster’s Facebook Authorization Process.

Social Job Ads appear in the social news feed of those who best fit the criteria. Standard Job Ad targeting is fully automated based on the job ad specifications. If you are posting a Custom Social Job Ad, you can select preferred locations, keywords and skills. Top candidates will be targeted based on their location and relevant interests.

Please make sure your images contain little to no text for best results. Standard Job Ads will choose from your images at random, so they should be general enough to work for any job ad that you are promoting.

If you don’t have images, that’s ok. Monster can select images from our stock library for your campaign.

Standard Social Job Ads are automated to promote a specific job posting on Facebook, Instagram and Monster’s network. The text, button and destination URL are fixed based on the job posting, but you may provide your own images or videos. It will run for a duration of 30 days or 50 clicks (whichever comes first).

Custom Social Job Ads allow you to tailor your text, images/videos, call to action button and destination URL to promote any recruitment initiative you’d like (career sites, job ads, hiring events, etc.) Placements on Facebook, Instagram, and optionally, X are included at a cost per click price structure.

Yes, you can! Please provide a list of your competitors by company name, and we can apply that targeting criteria to your campaign.

Monster Audience Network

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You can link directly to your job ad, career site, or hiring event registration page. Whatever you’re promoting, just make sure the landing experience is very clear on what you want the visitor to do. Direct them to Apply Now, View All Jobs, Register – invite them to take action.

That’s ok! Monster has templates you can use to spread the word about your opportunities and recruiting events. Just let us know and we can set that up for you – all we will need is your logo and text.

Take a look at the Monster Audience Network help article. It provides the specs to all of the creative assets you will need to provide.

High traffic sites like YouTube,, and Forbes are on the list, but these are examples of just a few sites where ads may be pushed. The actual network is much larger and includes hundreds of sites. Monster uses cookies, job categories, and skills to employ retargeting strategies that ensure your ads are placed in front of your target audience where they spend time online. To that end, the network is incredibly vast to help our customers receive the most return on their investment.

Yes, you can! Please provide a list of your competitors by company name, and we can apply that targeting criteria to your campaign.

We recommend that you provide at least 2-4 images. In some cases, more images may be requested by your Media Program Manager to accommodate your campaign design and strategy.

It can vary depending on your employment needs and how you want the campaign set up. We typically recommend:

  • 1 month for 150,000 impressions
  • 2-3 months for 250,000-500,000 impressions
  • 6-12 months for 1 million+ impressions

Premium Job Ads

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Premium Job Ads bundle three elements into one product. Your job ad will be posted on Monster and automatically promoted on social sites (Facebook and Instagram) and Monster’s Distribution Network.

When it comes to social distribution, text is pulled from your job posting and paired with images you provide. When promoting on Monster’s network of external sites, your company name, job title and location will be included in the ad, as well as your logo if space allows.

When a job seeker clicks on an external banner or social media post, they are taken directly to your job posting on Monster where they can choose to learn more and apply.

No, approvals are not needed. Text is pulled directly from your job posting and matched up with the images you provide to us. This allows the distribution to be seamless and automated, saving you time. Ads

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The Military Skills Translator helps veterans see how their skills and experience align with your job openings. also offers a Reverse Military Skills Translator to help employers see how their open jobs correspond to a candidate’s military background. To learn more, click here.

We’ll provide you with a list of everything you need to hand off when your media plan is set up, but we also have an article dedicated to our Display Ad Solutions where you can find more information as well as details and specs for all of our offerings.

Yes, both audience and segment targeting is available for Solo Emails. You can also select from a variety of newsletters to feature your ads. For more details, go to our Email & Newsletter Ads article.

The focus of an advertorial is on the product or service being promoted and it is obvious that it is an advertisement in the form of an article.

To craft a sponsored content article, the service, product or brand should not be the primary focus. Those elements should be secondary to valuable information presented.

For example, a manufacturing company who is hiring could create an article about changes to the manufacturing industry, or tips for success in the field. Keeping the topics relevant, valuable, and of interest to the people you want to attract is the primary focus. Tie-in your messaging as a secondary element that supports and complements the content of the main article. Learn more about Sponsored Content with

There are a variety of recruitment advertising options. Our Advertise with article can show you all of the ways you can share your recruitment messages with the highly skilled veteran audience. Check out the types of advertising available by channel:

You could highlight a success story at your company, benefits that your Veteran or Reserve employees enjoy, or how you continue to support the military community. You can choose an image post, carousel post or a highly engaging video post (60 seconds or less). Check out our article on Promoted Social Media to learn more.

Yes, you can choose to promote your recruitment messages from's Facebook and Instagram accounts. You’ll be able to target’s followers and link them to your job openings, career site and more. To learn more, click here.

Recruitment Advertising Solutions on is your best bet. Although Monster is unable to target Security Clearance specifically, is the largest veteran and military website outside of the Department of Defense. Everyone who leaves the military has some level of clearance, and with 10 million members and roughly 7 million unique visits per month, this is a great place to target candidates with security clearance.