Script Writing Best Practices

Creating a script for your video job ad will help you define what you want to share with candidates and organize the information in a way that is easy to follow. Put the following best practices in place and read on to learn how you can create an outline and write your own script.

Start with an outline.

Make a list of everything you want to cover and organize it so your delivery will be clear and easy to follow. This will also ensure that you don’t leave anything important out of your script.

Tell candidates what’s in it for them.

Try to take the focus away from the job responsibilities (what you’ll get from them) and appeal to their interests by highlighting what they will get out of working for you. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and think about what would motivate them to apply. Cover benefits, company perks, how this role will make an impact, etc.

Be honest.

Will this person be expected to work nights and weekends? Travel 75% of the year? Even if it’s not glamorous, be transparent. That way you’ll know that candidates who express interest are really up for the challenge. And on the other hand, don’t over-embellish either. Set reasonable expectations so candidates have a clear understanding of your offering.

Make it more than the job ad.

Video is an amazing medium. It can communicate so much more than a text-based job description. So, plan on covering things that are unique to your company, like culture, work environment or team atmosphere, and complement these additions with images or video clips.

Incorporate your employer brand.

Tell candidates what you are known for as an employer. If you don’t have a positioning statement, think of something that makes you stand out from the competition. Outstanding growth opportunities, award winning product team, careers with a social impact, an eco-friendly mindset – this is an opportunity to promote who you are as an employer.

Add a call to action.

Tell candidates exactly what you want them to do. Ask them to review the job requirements and responsibilities and apply. If the requisition is time-sensitive, make sure viewers are aware to encourage prompt responses.

Watch the clock.

When you are writing your script, 150 words will result in about 1 minute of video. Most video job ads range from 1-3 minutes, so it’s important to use this time wisely. Stay on topic and keep it relevant.