Government Hiring and Workforce Solutions

Monster Government Solutions is the leading innovator of talent acquisition and workforce development technology solutions for the government and public sector. For 20+ years, we’ve helped the public sector solve its greatest hiring and workforce challenges.

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Federal Government

Federal agencies depend on our flagship federal talent acquisition system (MHME) every day to effectively recruit, hire, and onboard federal employees needed to support their missions.

Medicaid billing clerk going over a patient's billing records.

State and Local Government

We partner with state and local governments to advance workforce development efforts by offering our expertise in connecting people to jobs with tech solutions like MonsterWorks, our labor exchange and case management platform.

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Workforce Boards

We support workforce boards in delivering services for both employers and job seekers, while meeting WIOA goals, with easy-to-use and effective solutions. From recruitment tools to automated workforce case management systems, our solutions are built to serve all roles, including case managers, employers, job seekers, and underserved communities.

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