5-Star Job Ads

Every recruiter writes their job ads differently, but they all have the same goals in mind. They want to create a job ad that is optimized for search, stands out from the rest, and sells prospects on the position. And that’s exactly what this article will show you how to do. To get more details on this subject as well as detailed examples, pro tips, insights, and more, sign up for our Job Ad Webinar and we’ll walk you through it – live.

Before we start, remember to think about search engine optimization (SEO) at every step.

  • Job Titles
    • Must be industry standard – if you want to see what both Monster and Google reference, check out the SOC 2010 List
    • No abbreviations, call to action, special characters or punctuation, or non-standard capitalization, job ID, etc.
  • Length
    • The entire job ad should be around 400 words
  • Keywords
    • Keyword density is an outdated strategy
    • Use synonyms for your job title and skills for better exposure
    • Main Keyword Placements: 1 in the title, 1 in the first paragraph, 1-2 or more times in the job ad
    • Job seekers are interested in jobs that will allow them to better manage their life, working hours, commute, and generally improve their work/life balance. If you’re offering a position that speaks to these desires, make sure to include some of the following keywords within your job description: Flexible Hours, Fully Remote, Virtual Work, Work from Home, etc.

5 Steps to Your 5-Star Job Ad

Click on each step below to learn how you can take your job ad to the next level.

Introduce candidates to your company with a Marketing Summary.

  • Introduce your company with a pitch
  • Describe what your company does and stands for – and give a glimpse inside
  • State your value proposition
  • Get creative, but be realistic
  • Do not overpromise or exaggerate


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