Creating Your Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos are becoming more and more popular for two reasons: 1) They are a great way to engage your top candidates, and 2) They are very easy to produce. Video can do a lot of heavy lifting when built into your recruitment strategy. In just 30 seconds, candidates can get an inside look into your company, its culture, and the people behind it. Review Monster’s resources to learn how you can create compelling video content that will attract candidates and encourage them to apply.

Training Topics

See how it’s done!
Check out this sample recruitment video, advertising a Project Manager role.

Video Making Tips

Camera Shy? (2 mins)
Learn how you can create recruitment videos from behind the scenes.
Lengthy Approval Process? (3 mins)
Skip the waiting game and see how you can speed up the approval process when it comes to your recruitment videos.
Short on Time? (2 mins)
We’ll show you how to create recruitment videos in a flash.


Video is an exciting way to engage and connect with candidates and stand out from competitors who are still working solely with text-based company descriptions and photography. Video allows you to communicate so many things in an instant; like your company values, the attitudes of your workforce, the office environment, the caliber of talent you’re seeking, and more. Video can capture your employer brand and captivate your target candidates in as little as 60 seconds. It’s a valuable recruitment tool for every company, large or small.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think about what a video can present to your target candidates. Video offers transparency and an inside look into your company – which is something very valuable to job seekers who are looking for the right fit. With video, you can effortlessly present people, places and products so clearly and with minimal effort compared to writing out long descriptions. Plus, you have complete control over how your company is perceived with this medium – so you can expect to strengthen your employment brand with every video you create.

We recommend including your company logo, a brief description of the position, some details about your company culture, location and benefits – and of course – and invitation to apply. If you want to view sample video scripts to get some inspiration, review our Script Writing Best Practices.

Although candidates appreciate video content, you’ll want to be considerate of their time. We recommend a 1-2 minute video. This gives you enough time to cover the job details and the type of candidate you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to create an employer brand video to position yourself as an employer of choice, you will want to check out our Recruitment Video Checklist article. It will help you consider a few elements that are vital to the success of any recruitment video. In addition to that, ask yourself this question: What sets my company apart from the competition, and what should candidates take away from the video. Video is a great medium to support and advertise your employer brand proposition, so keep it in mind from the start.

We have an article dedicated to this topic. Check out our Script Writing Best Practices to learn what you should include, best practices and a few sample scripts for reference.

Definitely! We have some creative tips for anyone looking to stay out of the limelight in our Overcoming Video Jitters article. You can leverage a colleague’s video, feature a photo slideshow with a voiceover, or let someone else take the stage buy interviewing the hiring manager or team.