Military Skills Translators

There are two types of Military Skills Translators that can help your team and veterans match their military skills and experience directly with your open positions.

  • The Military Skills Translator helps veterans and service members see how their skills and experience fit into your company right from your career site.
  • The Reverse Military Skills Translator helps your recruiters see how their open jobs correspond to candidates’ military experience and occupations.

Talk to your Monster representative to see how you can incorporate these tools into your recruiting process, and take a look at a few ways you can create a seamless job search process for this highly-skilled candidate pool.

Military Skills Translator Best Practices Checklist

  • Choose a Prominent Placement

    Place your Military Skills Translator above the fold on your careers page so service members can access it right away.

  • Make an Announcement 

    Link your Military Skills Translator in blogs, articles, and press releases to inform your audience about your veteran hiring program. Promote it on your company homepage and career site to drive more traffic.

  • Engage in Social Media

    Show veterans how important they are to your organization by promoting your Military Skills Translator on your social platforms. This is a great way to engage with prospective candidates, so be sure to respond to questions asked by your followers.

  • Optimize for Mobile Users

    Your Skills Translator is mobile optimized, so make sure your careers page and job postings are as well. You want to make sure every step of the job search and apply process is seamless – whether visitors are engaging through phones, tablets or desktop computers.

  • Show Your Commitment to Veteran Hiring

    • Take the Veteran Hiring Pledge and receive a badge to display on your careers page.
    • Attract more qualified veteran job seekers by adding a Skills Translator to your company branded profile i.e. the Veteran Talent Portal on
  • Show up for Veterans and Offer Support 

    Engage with Military Assistance groups, participate in veteran job fairs, sponsor veteran events, and show your appreciation to the military community.

  • Don’t Forget SEO!

    Update your careers page to enhance your search engine optimization. Add relevant keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions that highlight your Military Skills Translator for a better position in search results.

Learn more about the Reverse Military Skills Translator
to help your recruiting team better qualify your veteran talent pool.