Sponsorships Overview

Each year, delivers readers with timely editorial coverage to distinguish key National holidays that are of interest to the military community. Specialized content, historical reviews and other highlights are presented to readers across to increase awareness and engage readership.

3 Reasons to Advertise During Seasonal Holidays

  • Engagement Peaks

    Your campaign is displayed in special content areas of which historically appeals to a large volume of readers.

  • Readers Take Action

    Readers are focused and ready for new information. This allows advertisers the unique ability to serve the military-veteran community with a valuable message. Exclusive services, discounts or employment messages can demonstrate higher response rates.

  • Highly Customizable

    Sponsorships include custom executions. Take advantage of the latest social and mobile savvy high-impact media placements introduced as a part of this holiday offering.

A variety of sponsorship options are available throughout the year, but placements are limited. Contact your Program Manager for availability.

Choose a Sponsorship to Learn More

Learn how you can sponsor 3 key holidays in May.
Entice veterans to explore your seasonal job opportunities with highly visible placements.
Celebrate and show respect to those who have served this country.
Recognize the value that people with disabilities bring to the workplace.