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Customized Recruiter Training

Recruiter Training to Help You Find the Right Fit
Monster’s Customer Success Advisors are committed to helping recruiters get better results by providing industry insights, product guidance and strategies for success. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with personalized recruiter training. We’ll customize the session around your business needs and expectations – reviewing the hottest tools, helpful tips and new tactics to make your recruiting team more successful.

Tailored Training for Your Recruitment Team

Design your own training program with any of the options below. Contact your Sales Representative
or call 1-800-MONSTER for pricing and availability.

Monster Product Training

Ensure everyone knows how to get the most out of the following solutions:

  • Job Ad Best Practices
  • SearchMonster
  • Software Solutions

Recruitment Industry Topics

Gain insights, training, and advice on today’s trending topics, including:

  • Unbiased Recruitment Writing
  • Generational Recruiting
  • Veteran Recruiting
  • Mobile Recruitment Strategy
  • Your Employer Brand

Training Office Hours (Q&A)

A check-in opportunity for you to ask questions as it relates to your positions.

Monthly New Hire Training

We’ll get new members of your team up to speed with your Monster solutions.

Recruitment Industry Topics

Unbiased Recruitment Writing

In this presentation, we’ll discuss how the words you select in your job ads, emails, text messages, career sites, and other communication vehicles can have a profound impact on your candidate pool and your bottom line. Learn how to screen your recruitment writing for unconscious biases and make sure that every qualified candidate is welcome to apply regardless of race, gender, age or disability. Join us and see how this crucial stepping stone to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce can provide your business with incredible benefits, extending from employee morale and engagement, to customer loyalty, to increased revenue.

Level-up During the Slowdown

If you’re a recruiter who encounters a slow season from time to time, you’re not alone. We’ll show you how to use the slowdown to your advantage by leveling-up within other integral recruitment functions. Employer branding and candidate experience recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg – and everything covered in this presentation will help you face the inevitable hiring surge like a pro.

Veteran Recruiting

Interpreting the Military Resume & Secrets to Effective Communication Compared to civilian resumes, a military resume at first glance may not appear to follow a logical career path. But it’s important to remember that veterans are disciplined team players with the leadership skills and experience that can bolster any business. In this presentation you’ll learn how to interpret the military resume, and discover how to talk to veterans about their unique skills and experiences to understand how they’ll fit within your organization.

Generational Recruiting in Todays Workforce

Understand how the different generations in today’s marketplace can effect and shape your recruiting strategy. Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation Z what does all this mean? In today’s work environment we are working with a blended workforce and we also recruit from a blended talent pool. Understanding the motivational drivers and values of the various generations will provide you with the competitive advantage to communicate effectively and attract talent.