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Monster+ Account Administrative Tools

When you are working within your Monster account, all of your account details are located in the menu on the top right of the page. This is where you can access everything associated with your Monster account.

Keep your contact information and payment options up to date, access invoices and tax information, and create your company profile with a logo, a video and more.

Click each tab below to learn more about the settings and options available within your Monster Account.

To access your User Settings or Company Settings, sign in and click on the user icon on the top right side of the page. Make your selection from the dropdown menu.

User Settings is where you can go to update your login information and password. You can also review your Notification Preferences on this page. Opt-in to receive special announcements and promotions from Monster.

Check out your Company Settings to view the Company Name and Admin. The company name listed here is not public and is only intended for internal account recognition. The public information that will be viewed by candidates is listed in the Company Profile page.

Create a Company Profile to strengthen your employer brand and save time. Just enter your details, include a logo and video, and add a description that positions your company as an employer of choice. Enter this information once and a consistent and strong brand identity will be automatically applied to every job ad you post!

To access your Company Profile, click on the user icon at the top of the page and then click Company Profile in the dropdown menu. You will be brought to a page where you can edit all of the elements of your company profile.

When creating a job ad, you can also enter your Company Profile information in the Finalize step. Anything you add to the About the Company section can be saved to your Company Profile just by checking the box shown below.

Company Profile FAQs

What is a Company Profile and why should I create it?

The information in this section is important as it can incorporate your employer brand messaging and help you position your company as an employer of choice. You can also feature your logo and a video to help candidates recognize your company culture, work environment and everything you have to offer.

Where will candidates see my Company Profile?

Your Company Profile will be automatically attached to the bottom of all of your job postings for your convenience.

Can I create one Company profile for all of my recruiters to use?

At this time, each user has their own individual account and company profiles cannot be shared across accounts. We recommend sharing the description and any logo and video assets with your team to implement on their own.

Click the user icon at the top of the page, and you will see two items in the Billing section of the menu.

The Billing Information page is where you can confirm and edit your billing contact information, stored payment information, as well as your tax information and exemption status. You have the option to set up a saved payment at any time.

The Invoices page features all of your recent invoices and complete payment history. If you would like to view, download, or print any of them, just click the invoice number.

Billing and Invoice FAQs

Is my payment information stored on Monster?

The payment information that you enter will remain protected by Monster’s payment processor and utilized for your active and future job ad promotions.

When will I get charged for my promoted job ad?

When you promote you first job ad, we will ask you to set up your preferred payment method. You will be charged initially when your campaign balance due has reached $25. From that point, you will be charged either on a 30-day billing cycle or when the account balance exceeds $500.

What payment options are available?

Currently, you can choose to enter a Direct Debit or Credit Card. In the future, PayPal will also be a payment option.

What if my company is Tax Exempt?

During the checkout process, after you enter your payment information, you will be asked if your company is tax exempt. If so, you will need to enter you Government-approved Tax Exemption ID, type, and upload a document of proof.

If you don’t have your tax exemption information handy at checkout, you can skip the step and add this information later in the Billing Information page. Just click on Tax Exemption to expand the section and edit your information.

How do I access and view my invoices or payment history?

Click on the user icon at the top of the page and select Invoices from the menu. Here you will be able to access all of your invoices and payment history. Simply click the invoice numbers to view, download, or print for your own records.