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Monster Studios: App Navigation & Settings

When you open the app, Team Videos will be your main page. This is where you will see a list of the videos you and your team has completed. From this page you can preview your videos, start recording a new video and access the following menu options:

Team Videos: Opens a screen containing all videos created by your team.

Your Videos: Shows only the videos you have created.

New Project: Tap this to start a new video.

Projects: This is where all of your projects are stored, you can edit, edit a copy or save all of the assets (footage) to your phone.

Scripts: A collection of your scripts for the built-in teleprompter. Easily Add, edit, or delete.

Quick Guide: A link to this User Guide for easy reference.

Settings: Access all of your app settings. More on this in the next section.

Logout: Logout and Exit the app.


It’s important to understand the settings within the Monster Studios app. Review them and make any adjustments before starting your projects.

To view your settings, click on the menu Icon from your Video Library. Then click on Settings. A variety of options will appear in the next screen. We’ve provided details for each one below.

Job Search Country: This is your location setting.

Review App: If you would like to share your experience with the app by providing a review, this is where you can do just that.

Full HD Projects: Turn this setting on to get the best quality video output. It will increase the file size and upload time but it will be worth it. It must be turned on before you start a video.

Background Upload: This will upload your video and assets while you’re editing to reduce processing time once your video is complete, but it may use data if you’re not on WiFi.

Cellular Upload: If this switch is turned on, your video and assets will upload in the background if you are not on WiFi. Perfect for on-the-go editing, but just note that it will use a significant amount of data.

Reset Tutorials: If you’ve gone through the introductory tutorials, they will not show again unless you choose to reset them with this option.