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Super Search by Monster

With Super Search you’ll not only find qualified talent in a powerful single search, but you’ll stay on top of your hiring demands with immediate candidate messaging, activity monitoring, and open jobs performance. Our proprietary semantic technology searches millions of resumes, for any job, industry or location, with razor-sharp accuracy. (Don’t worry, Boolean search is also an option).

Get ready to instantly find and follow-up with candidates – because when it comes to filling positions, time is money. Whether you need to reach one specialized candidate or hundreds, Super Search is the only platform you’ll need. Here is what you need to know.


In a hurry? Grab what you need and go!

Getting Started with Your Search Our smart precision technology fine-tunes your searches by education, salary, relocation, citizenship, veterans, and more.  
Manage Candidates
Keep on top of your search results with quick and easy candidate actions.  
Create compelling and personalized messages whether you want to reach one super candidate or hundreds.    
Inventory Management Keep tabs on your inventory and get some tips on making it last.  
Built-in analytics help you analyze performance and candidate behavior.  
Sample Messages
Not sure what to say? Here are some messages to help you get going.  
4 Components to Successful Messages
Take a look at our best practices for the most successful messages.  


Find answers from a Monster Trainer and see Super Search in action! Sign up for a live training today!
Need it now? Watch a previously recorded Super Search Training to get all your questions answered. (Approximately 40 minutes)  

Super Search Videos

See Super Search in action in these short videos.

Searching with Super Search
Let Monster walk you through a Super Search to show you how you can narrow in on some of the best candidates out there.  
Super Search Auto Messaging
In this video, we'll show you how easy it is to go from search to send.
Super Search Candidate Actions When searching with Super Search, candidate actions can help you stay organized and save time. See how you can put them to work for you.  
Messaging Candidates with Super Search
Once you've found the right candidate for the job, reach out to them with an email message. It's quick and easy.