Search by Candidate Name in SearchMonster

When you hear about a new referral, or decide to cross reference a candidate you found on another platform, you can easily run a search to find that person in the Monster database.

Not only will you be able to contact the candidate with SearchMonster’s messaging tools, you’ll also be able to download the most updated resume and upload it to your ATS, if you choose. This article will walk you through the steps.

Search Tips

    • Remember to enter a Job Title or Skills/Keywords to initiate your search.
    • Optionally, you can enter a Location to narrow the search results, but it is not required.
    • Open the Advanced Options and enter the name in Candidate Name field.
    • Need to search by email or phone number? Use the Boolean open text field and use quotes to find the exact match.

Step 1: Enter Job Title or Skills/Keywords

Just one entry is needed within the Job Title or Skills/Keywords fields to initiate a search. Location is not required, as it will default to Nationwide. Click on the +Advanced Options link to expand your criteria.


Step 2: Enter Candidate Name

Enter the name in the Candidate Name field and click Search.

Step 3: Review Results

The search will include candidates with the same first & last name, as well as those with middle initials, middle names, or suffixes.
Example:  (Jr., Sr., III)

To refine, use quotes to return an exact match.
Example: “John Smith”


Step 4: Review the Candidate Profile

Click on a candidate card to review the candidate Profile without using any of your inventory. The profile is a candidate overview. Highlights include skills, experience, and education; as well as employment information and preferences.

Step 5: Download the Candidate's Resume

Click on the Resume tab to view the full candidate resume. A candidate’s resume can be downloaded and entered into an ATS, forwarded to a hiring manager, or saved to your network.

  • Rename the search at the top of the search results page so it’s easy to identify. You can save this search as “Candidate Name Search” and use it again to find future candidates in seconds. Just click and edit the Candidate Name field.