Email & Newsletter Ads

See how you can reach Military.com site members who have opted in to receive messages in their personal inbox.

Solo Emails are a top performing media placement for recruitment advertising, including career fairs and other short-term hiring initiatives. And you can feature your employment message and promote your recruiting needs in our Newsletters to reach your targeted audience. Both options give your recruitment ads great visibility.

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Make your audience aware of your veteran hiring initiatives with Solo Email Ads. Tailor your message and creative and employ our extensive targeting capabilities. Just provide us with the HTML file, or utilize Military.com’s creative services.

Audience Targeting

  • Active Duty
  • Veterans
  • Military Spouses
  • Retirees
  • New Members: Targeting new members is an impactful opportunity to emphasize a hiring message during a highly receptive and engaging period. When a new visitor – Active Duty, Veteran, Retiree or a Military Spouse joins Military.com, they also join the new member mailing list. Advertise to registered members within the first 45 days of signup.

Segment Targeting

  • Status
  • Service
  • Location (state/DMA)
  • Security Clearance

Details & Specs

  • Responsive HTML: 600px wide x variable height
  • Images: 2 or 3 hi-res images suggested to balance text; JPEG or PNG; up to 180px height
  • Subject Line: up to 45 characters max*
  • Headline: up to 60 characters max*
  • Body: up to 500 characters
  • Call to Action (CTA) buttons: 1 or 2 with up to 30 characters recommended

Clients utilizing third-party tags must disclose the type of tags used, data that is collected, and how the data is intended to be used. Any third-party pixels appended to the creative must be reviewed and approved by Monster prior to campaign launching. Monster reserves the right to suspend/terminate campaigns using pixels/tags not approved in advance.