Facebook Authorization Process

With Social Job Ads you have the choice to deploy the ads from Monster’s account or from your own social media platforms. Using your own Facebook and/or Instagram account will place your company’s logo on the ad and has the added benefit of clicking back to your social media page. This will enhance your employer branding and increase the likes and follows to your pages. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined below to authorize Monster to deploy the Social Job Ads through your company’s Facebook page.


1. Click on the authorization link you receive via email.

After purchasing a Social Job Ad or a Premium Job Ad, you will automatically receive the Authorization Request Email, which should be shared with the company’s Facebook Page Administrator to complete the steps outlined. To get started, click on the authorization link provided in the email.

Remember: If you prefer to use the default setup to have the Social Job Ads deployed through Monster’s Facebook page, no action is needed, and the Authorization Request Email can be ignored.


2. Provide your Facebook page URL and Facebook page ID.

After clicking on the authorization link, you will access the Authorization Dashboard. To initiate the authorization, enter your company’s Facebook Page URL and Facebook Page ID into the fields on the dashboard. By default, these will show Monster’s URL and ID, so you would need to overwrite these details with your own. This will initiate notifications in your company’s Facebook Page, viewable to the Facebook Page’s administrator.

To find your Facebook Page ID:

  • Click in the top right of Facebook.
  • Click Pages.
  • Go to your Page.
  • Click About.
  • Scroll down to find your Page ID below More Info.

3. Follow the authorization  process on your Facebook page.

These are the steps you’d need to follow on Facebook to finalize the authorization process.

  1. Access Your Page Settings After you’ve logged in to your company account on Facebook as an administrator, you should receive a notification from Monster. Click on it. If the notification doesn’t show, go to your company page > “Settings” (top right) > “Page Roles.” 
  2. Respond to Request You will see the authorization request under “Pending Agency Requests”. Click “Respond to Request.
  3. Grant AccessA pop-up window will open. Click “Give Monster access to my Page.
  4. Approve Request Another pop-up window will open. Click “Approve Request.”
  5. Save Changes Click “Save” to save the changes and complete the authorization process. Your Social Job Ads are now ready to be used.