Custom Social Job Ads

Unlike our Standard Social Job Ads, which drive traffic to a single job ad, Monster’s Custom Social Job Ads are ideal if you are looking for a little more control on the ad content.

Sold on a Cost Per Click basis, where we set a click goal of minimum 2,500 URL clicks, they are perfect to gain social media exposure by promoting anything you like: a job fair, a hiring event, your career page – or as a support for you employer branding.

Custom Social Job Ads Offer:

  • Precision Targeting
    Target qualified candidates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Better Exposure
    Reach a number of guaranteed clicks to a link of your choice.

  • Flexible Run Dates
    You set the duration of your campaign.

  • Full Customization
    All the components of the social ad are customizable, including pictures, videos, text, and where you want to drive traffic.

Let's check them out!

With Custom Social Job Ads you have the freedom to choose how your ad is designed:

1. Social Media Handle: Deploy the ads directly from your social channels or through Monster’s account

2. Engaging Description: Promote a personally crafted message

3. Image/Video: Provide your own image or video, or have Monster provide a stock image.

4. Headline: Write your own headline to generate interest and clicks. 

5. Call to Action:Choose your call to action and decide where you want to sent traffic.

Just provide us with the details below and Monster will handle everything – from ad creation to campaign implementation, to optimization as it runs, and performance reporting.

Choose whether to deploy the ads from Monster’s account or from your own social media platforms.

  • If you choose to post the Custom Social Job Ads through Monster, which is the default option, no action is required from your side.

  • If you decide to use your own social media account, you will need to authorize Monster to deploy the ads through your company’s social pages. This will place your company’s logo on the ad and has the added benefit of clicking back to your social media page.

Please Note: Your Custom Social Job Ads campaign will run on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, you have the option to also pick and choose if you would prefer to only run your ads on Facebook or Twitter only.