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Welcome to Monster Training.
This is Monster’s on-demand product training hub – where you can access everything from how-to videos, to helpful articles, to free live training, interactive courses, recorded webinars and more. Our goal is to help you find success with your Monster Solutions – and the right fit for your open positions. Take a look at our training resources and topics below.

Training Resources

Monster Masters

Challenge your team to earn their Monster Master’s degree in Job Ads, SearchMonster, and more.

Live Webinar Training

Our product experts will walk your through a live demo and answer any questions. Sign up for the next SearchMonster, Power Resume Search or Monster Job Ads webinar today.

Customized Recruiter Training

This on-site or virtual training experience gives you the ability to tailor the content to your team, skill-level and organization’s recruitment needs. Click here to see a variety of recruitment topics.

Training by Product

Other Training Topics

Employer Branding
Monster helps you display and leverage your employer brand, so prospective qualified talent will be able to find your company as a natural part of their journey.

Account Settings
See how you can manage your account preferences and access reports to stay on top of usage and more.

OFCCP Resources
By opting in to Monster’s OFCCP functionality, you can monitor your recruitment processes and modify them as necessary to meet government requirements.

We’re here for you. Access our help tools or get in contact with one of our customer service representatives.

Monster Security Center
Explore the Security Center to learn about Monster’s commitment to online security.

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