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Power Resume Search

We are continuously improving our search products to help you find the right fit. See what’s new!


Power Resume Search gives you the results you need to make more informed, objective hiring decisions. Provide us with your candidate requirements, including skills needed, location, and experience, and we’ll do the rest. Monster’s advanced technology understands search context, concepts and terminology, and finds all variations of your requirements.

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Power Resume Tips and Best PracticesSee what new tips you can add to your toolbox to make the most of everything PRS can do for you.


Take a minute to become familiar with the search fields so that you’re able to find qualified candidates easily.


Resume ActionsMonster supplies you with powerful tools to manage your candidates directly from your account. View how each resume action

Learn how to save your search for a later date and have your results emailed to you on a regular basis.



Power Resume Search Videos

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Power Resume Search Best Practices

Learn how you can get the most out of Monster’s Power Resume Search.

Search Fields

We’ll walk you through a few important search fields that can help you zero in on the perfect candidate.


Resume Actions Save time and stay organized with the help of Resume Actions within Power Resume Search.

Saved Searches

A great time saver for any busy recruiter! Save your searches to come back to later and get email updates as new candidate matches roll in.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the latest changes in our Resume Search Products?

We are continuously improving your Search experience to help you find the right fit for your open positions. If you want to see the most recent enhancements, view the release notes. If you have additional questions, check out our Help page.


How many searches can I perform?

As many as you want! You can even save some of your searches for easy access in the future. Keep in mind that you can save up to 10 searches and view and manage them from the top of the page via the My Candidates menu.


Can I be notified about new candidates?

Yes! You can save your search and receive an email notification when new candidate matches are found. It’s easy! On the left side of your search results page, click “Save this search” under your criteria and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your set up.


Is there a way to perform a nationwide search?

Yes, just leave the location field blank to search the entire country. This is a wonderful strategy to really extend you candidate pool for remote positions.


I have too many candidates in my results. What should I do?

Your search criteria are on the left side of your search results. You can easily narrow down your candidate list by specifying more criteria and entering the most important skills, keywords, education and experience. You can also adjust your location by narrowing your radius to really zero in on the right candidates closest to you.


I have too few candidates in my results. What should I do?

You may have specified too many search options. Try starting with a broad search before narrowing them down. To find as many candidates as possible, use a broad, industry standard job title and avoid internal titles. Also, make sure you search for all resumes first. Even if a candidate hasn’t updated their resume recently, they could be open to the right opportunity.


What counts as  a view of inventory?

A resume view is deducted from your inventory when you view, print, email or add a resume to a folder. Once one unit of inventory is used for a particular candidate, any additional actions taken within 7 days do not impact inventory.

We recommend placing resumes into folders to conserve inventory. Any actions taken on candidates within folders on the My Candidates page will not impact inventory.


How can I tell how much inventory I have left?

You can check your inventory at any time. Sign in to your account and click on “My Products” at the top of the page. The page will show you the inventory that is available company-wide. You will see the number of views purchased, used and remaining, as well as the start and expiration dates.


Who are Confidential candidates? 

Some job seekers are concerned about keeping their personal information private or don’t want their current employer to know they are looking. If you come across a confidential candidate, you’ll notice that the name, address, phone number, and email is not displayed but you still have access to their Monster profile and resume information and can connect with them through Monster.


How can I view the most recently updated resumes?

Although we recommend casting a wide net and searching all resumes, you can certainly narrow your results with the Resume Updated filter in your search criteria options. Choose from a variety of timeframes from updated “today” to “within 1 week,” to “within 9 months” and more. Just remember that candidates who haven’t updated their resumes recently may still be open to your opportunity. The ability to sort by resume updated is something we are looking into for a future release.


What do the numbers by the candidate’s name mean?

Your candidates are rated and ranked on a scale from 1 to 10 according to how well they match your search criteria. Candidates with the number 10 (or close to it) are the top candidates returned in your search results. With this functionality, it is easy to identify and focus on your frontrunners from the start.


Can I do a Boolean search in Power Resume Search?

Yes, you can! Power Resume Search has two versatile search options. You can use our Semantic Search which intuitively searches for related terms and concepts, or you can switch to Classic Resume Search to run a search using Boolean keywords. Either way, you can expect to find the best candidates for the job.


I’m not getting any candidates in my search.  Why?
If your using Boolean to search for candidates, check for any typos in your search string that could throw off the search. If you are using our Sematic search engine, try removing some criteria to widen your search or adjust your radius to deepen your candidate pool.


Have more questions?

We have a lot more answers for you on the Help page. Just type your question in the search bar to get started.