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Monster Studios

Monster Studios is a mobile app that gives recruiters the power to record, edit, and publish videos to Monster Job Ads in minutes. Now you can reach candidates in a more intimate and authentic way. Currently in beta, Monster Studios is being offered as a value-add to customers who purchase Monster Job Ads. Access the Quick Reference Guide and watch the training videos below to see how easy it is to create your own video job ad with Monster Studios.

Monster Studios Training Guides

Quick Start Guide
Follow along and create your first video job ad in minutes – helpful tips included.

Monster Studios User Guide
Keep this resource bookmarked for quick reference while you’re creating your video job ads.

Overcoming Video Job Ad Jitters
Camera shy? Waiting for approval? Short on time? Don’t let that stop you from engaging with candidates in a whole new way!

Sample Scripts
Not sure what to say? Check out our sample scripts for inspiration and get some advice along the way.


Monster Studios Videos

Sample Video Job Ad

See what is possible with the Monster Studios App! Check out this sample video.


Monster Studios Overview

See how Monster Studios can work for you.


Monster Studios Webinar

Let our Trainer, Maggie, walk you through the steps of creating your very own video job ad with the Monster Studios app.


How to Record

Record a professional video to include with your job ad. This video will walk you through it from start to finish.


How to Edit

Customize your video job ad with text overlays, images and more. It’s easy!


How to Post and Share

Add your videos to your job postings. And find out how you can share them with your social network, too.


Advanced Editing

Once you’ve mastered the basics, check out some advanced editing features you’re sure to love.


Camera Shy?

Learn how you can create video job ads from behind the scenes.


Lengthy Approval Process?

Skip the waiting game and see how you can speed up the approval process when it comes to your video job ads.


Short on Time?

We’ll show you how to create video job ads in a flash.