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Promoting Your Monster+ Job Ad

In today’s competitive landscape, recruiters are searching for ways to increase their job ad visibility. They want to connect with the right candidates and drive performance in record time. Although it can be accomplished with quality job ad content, going this route alone could limit the number and quality of candidates that happen to see your ad. Choosing to promote your job ad is the most effective way to increase your ranking in search results, extend your reach, and build a better talent pool from the start.

In this article, we’ll review job promotion using the Pay for Performance model, and how it can drive better outcomes and help you meet your recruiting goals faster than ever before. Read on or choose a topic below for more details:

Job promotion in a nutshell.

Promoted Jobs on Monster use a Pay for Performance (PFP) pricing model, which means you pay only when an interested candidate clicks to view your promoted job. It’s easy! You set your budget and Monster will put your placements in front of the right people. This gives you a lot of flexibility as your spend will impact how many candidates view your job – so if it’s a vital role, you can allocate a larger budget to drive more views. Unlike free job postings, which tend to fall back in search results as new jobs are added, promoted jobs rank higher in search results and are seen by more candidates.

Benefits of promoting job ads with Monster.

If you have a tough role to fill, are looking for candidates with particular skills, or you simply need to hire a lot of candidates quickly – then promoting your job ad with Monster will be most effective for you. Monster does allow you to post a job ad for free, but there are a number of added benefits when it comes to promoting your jobs:

  • No upfront fees – If you decide to promote your job ads, just choose the average amount you’re willing to spend each day and you will be billed based on Cost Per Click (CPC), which means you are only charged when a candidate clicks, taps, or swipes to view your job listing.
  • Flexibility – We know that your hiring needs change all the time – some jobs are simply more challenging to fill or have a higher urgency. With a flexible configurable CPC model, you can allocate the appropriate cost of advertising to each position.
  • Visibility – Choosing to promote your job keeps it prominently displayed in the most relevant search results, delivering a higher volume of applicants over time compared to free jobs.
  • Transparency – Monster will give you an expectation of how many applications you will get based on your budget. Real-time performance data will show you details such as views and applications.
  • Maximum exposure – Not only will promotion positively impact where your job ranks on Monster, your job will also be included within our extensive partner network designed to dynamically promote your job postings and increase your exposure to the fullest.
  • Efficiency of spend – The great value of our promoted jobs is that your spend directly translates into outcomes: a higher budget means more applications – faster. You are only paying for performance which is more economical in the long run.

The process of promoting a job ad.

When posting a free ad on Monster, you have the option to bring in more applicants by promoting your job. To promote a job on Monster, you’ll be asked to specify a “budget,” which is the average amount you’d like to spend per day to promote your job.

To choose a budget, simply pick from the 3 options available. There are daily and weekly pricing estimates that will help you align with your budget. Then, specify how long you want to run the promotion by setting a duration (15, 30, 45 or 60 days). To help you decide how much to spend, you’ll see an estimation of applicants you may receive over the promotion duration.

Choosing a larger budget will allow for a greater number of applicants to be delivered each day – so this is highly recommended for those critical or hard-to-fill positions. For future or pipeline recruitment, a smaller budget could be the way to go. Whatever you decide, you will have the flexibility to cancel the promotion at any time.

Monster will do the rest. Your ad will be placed in front of the best candidates and you will be billed only when an interested candidate clicks, taps or swipes to view your job ad. Your actual daily spend will vary depending on the number of clicks received on the job.

Managing your promoted jobs.

After promoting your offer, you can track the progress of your jobs with real-time performance data, showing you the number of views and applications. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your job ad. For a definition of what each value means, review the Glossary below.

If you decide to cancel, the promotion of your job will stop permanently and cannot be resumed.

Once the promotion is closed, through either duration expiration or depleted budget, you can reinstate the promotion by setting another budget.

Boost your job ad performance.

Every time a candidate searches for a particular position in a particular location, our system matches those candidates with the most relevant jobs. Monster uses behavioral relevance and Click Through Rates (CTR) to determine which job ads are more attractive or relevant to our seekers. Based on this data, each job ad is ranked accordingly in the results list. For example, a job with a high CTR has proved its relevance and, therefore, will be ranked higher in search results.

So, what can you do to ensure your jobs are seen by as many candidates as possible? There are two main factors you should consider when optimizing your job ads:

  • Spend – Your budget plays an important role in the ranking of your job ads. A higher budget will help us keep your job ad in a prominent position to boost performance in terms of more views, more clicks and, consequently, more applies.
  • Quality – When creating a job ad, make sure you write a quality job description, add a video (if available), upload your company logo, specify a salary, indicate a physical address and use an industry standard job title. These are all elements that build on the effectiveness of a job ad.

These kind of hiring boosts can really make an impact on your job ad’s visibility and ranking which will also help you stand out from the competition.

In conclusion.

Promoting your job ads with Monster gives you two amazing benefits: 1) unmatched visibility in search results and beyond, and 2) complete control of your budget.

Try it today and enjoy the flexibility of advertising job ads in a way that aligns with your recruitment goals and strategy – even if it changes from day to day. Based on urgency or difficulty to fill, cancel at any time, promote your job again with a new budget and duration, easily track performance, and only pay for the candidates who click, tap, or swipe on over to your job ad.