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How to Source and Interview Phlebotomists

How to Source and Interview Phlebotomists

By: John Rossheim

To successfully source and interview phlebotimists, keep these recruiting tips in mind:

How Phlebotomists Are Sourced:

  • Employee referrals are a key source of phlebotomist candidates
  • Clinical rotations offer providers the opportunity to try before they buy
  • Job postings should be as specific as possible with regard to the work arrangement, location and care setting

Recruiter Tip: 

  • “Providers recruit through job postings, clinical rotations during training, and sometimes employers ask us for referrals – it’s through a variety of channels,” says Helen Maxwell, executive director of the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians.“And the jobs are usually very quickly taken.”

How to Interview Phlebotomists:

  • The interview is the best opportunity to assess the candidate’s way with people
  • Communication skills and clinical knowledge should be tested face-to-face
  • Probe the candidate for preferences about care setting: hospital, medical office, lab, home care, screening/mobile, blood donation center
  • Determine the candidate's suitability for the work arrangement, whether it's permanent, part-time, contract, per diem, locum tenens, travelling or contract

Recruiter Tips:  

  • “Usually employers ask about work experience and training and certification,” says Maxwell.“They’re usually given a test [example] of about 50 questions – though it’s not standardized – covering topics from infection control to order of draw to legal aspects to professionalism.”
  • “We ask about what types of patients they’ve drawn blood from, how many draws they’ve done,” says Phil Svehla, president of Phlebotek, a Florida staffing firm specializing in phlebotomy technicians. "Some phlebotomists may draw from 50 people a day. “With some of our client employers, the interviewers have the candidate draw blood.”

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