Talent Acquisition

Topics include: attracting employees, company branding, effective job postings, acquiring job candidates, interviewing, hiring practices, onboarding, employee referral programs, talent sourcing, the engagement cycle, and more.

Featured Talent Acquisition Guides

Office-full of workers, greeting a newly recruited member of the team.
How to Find and Recruit Passive Candidates
The best person for the job might not have applied yet. Here’s how to attract passive candidates so you can build the strongest team.
Manager writing an interview request email at work
How to Write an Interview Request Email
Write an effective interview request email to create a good first impression with your chosen candidates. Learn more and get tips at Monster.com.
5 Healthcare Recruiting Tips for Success
These 5 tips are a remedy for your healthcare recruiting challenges and can help you attract qualified applicants while improving your employer brand.
Two engineers working together on a problem.
How to Close the Job Skills Gap With Your Hiring Process
These five steps can help you close the job skills gap at your organization so you have the right team in place to be successful.
A hiring manager shakes the hand of a new employee he just hired.
How Much Does an Employee Cost?
To determine whether you should hire staff, you need to factor all expenditures required to answer the question: How much does an employee cost?
How to Recruit Medical Staff
Whether you operate a doctor office or a dental office, learning how to recruit medical staff is key to running a successful practice.

All Talent Acquisition Guides

How to Hire a Manager
Looking to make your company’s next crucial leadership hiring decision? Learn how to hire a manager without making any costly wrong moves.
Hiring Interior Designers: 5 Steps
Hiring interior designers for your firm? This step-by-step approach will help you organize your search and find designers who share your vision and passion.
How to Hire an Electrician
Looking for an electrician? Here’s exactly how to hire an electrician who’s hardwired for the job, from crafting your job description to doing interviews.
Hiring a Chef
Hiring a chef involves the consideration of a broad range of experience. From skills to education, learn what you need to make the best hiring decision.
How to Hire a Painter
Get the whole picture on how to hire a painter, from crafting a strong job description to doing interviews and reference checks that go beyond the surface.
Hiring Architects for Your Firm: 5 Steps
When hiring architects for your firm, take stock of your specific staffing needs, thoroughly check portfolios, and follow these other best practices.
How to Hire a Personal Care Assistant
Here’s how to hire a personal care assistant with the necessary experience and skillset to make a client’s life easier and more enjoyable.
How to Hire a Receptionist 
Here’s how to hire a receptionist you can trust with everything from fielding calls to filling out paperwork.

Need some help recruiting for a small business?

How to Hire Software Developers
Here’s how to hire software developers with the technical skills to build apps and websites for your business.
How to Hire a Driver
Here’s how to hire a driver who has the skills and experience you need to drive your business forward.
How to Hire a 1099 Employee
Find out how to hire a 1099 employee, how to recruit and set up contracts with the best freelancers, and when the IRS says they're full-fledged employees.
How to Hire a Social Media Manager
Not sure how to hire a social media manager? Get the guidance you need to craft a great job ad, interview candidates, and more.
How to Hire a Butler
Here's how to hire a butler for your hotel, your home, or your client who can manage details with taste and discretion and keep things running smoothly.
How to Hire a Virtual Assistant
Learn how to hire a virtual assistant without the guesswork, from defining the role to interviewing the top candidates, in five simple steps.
How to Hire a Personal Assistant
Need to know how to hire a personal assistant you can trust with everything from scheduling to pesky paperwork? Here are some tips to finding the right one.
How to Find Gig Economy Workers
Here’s exactly how to find gig economy workers who can help you grow your business, whether you need a logo, website, or someone to build office furniture.