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Topics include: attracting employees, company branding, effective job postings, acquiring job candidates, interviewing, hiring practices, onboarding, employee referral programs, talent sourcing, the engagement cycle, and more.

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Office-full of workers, greeting a newly recruited member of the team.
How to Find and Recruit Passive Candidates
The best person for the job might not have applied yet. Here’s how to attract passive candidates so you can build the strongest team.
Manager writing an interview request email at work
How to Write an Interview Request Email
Write an effective interview request email to create a good first impression with your chosen candidates. Learn more and get tips at Monster.com.
5 Healthcare Recruiting Tips for Success
These 5 tips are a remedy for your healthcare recruiting challenges and can help you attract qualified applicants while improving your employer brand.
Two engineers working together on a problem.
How to Close the Job Skills Gap With Your Hiring Process
These five steps can help you close the job skills gap at your organization so you have the right team in place to be successful.
A hiring manager shakes the hand of a new employee he just hired.
How Much Does an Employee Cost?
To determine whether you should hire staff, you need to factor all expenditures required to answer the question: How much does an employee cost?
How to Recruit Medical Staff
Whether you operate a doctor office or a dental office, learning how to recruit medical staff is key to running a successful practice.

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5 Tips to Prepare for Peak Hiring Season
Jobs are posted and filled every day, but some months are busier than others. Get prepared for the January-February peak hiring season today!
How Video Can Help Humanize Your Recruiting

Job seekers expect their digital job search to feel like the rest of their online experience: and that means they want to see plenty of video. If you haven’t added video to your 2019 recruitment strategy, here are some good reasons why you should, and a few tips for how to get started.

Recruiting trends 2019: What large companies need to know

You’ve got your budget set, your KPIs nailed down, and even a list of some of the reqs that you can’t fill until Q4 is up. Now take a look at the trends we think will be important to large businesses in 2019. Yes, AI is on there, but we’ve spotted a few new things that are also worth considering.

How to Build a Recruitment Marketing Strategy
Promote your employer brand and attract potential candidates with an effective recruitment marketing strategy that promotes your employer brand.
Where’s the Human Element in Recruiting?

The next generation of HR technology will leverage data and automation to improve sourcing efficiencies. Yet a successful placement requires a deeper understanding of the candidate, says Monster CEO Scott Gutz. He offers his insights on we can infuse recruiting with a more human touch.

This Top Nursing School Knows What Young Nurses Want and How to Engage Them

As dean of the Lienhard School of Nursing, Harriet Feldman has cultivated a growing pipeline of graduates who are quickly scooped up by employers. She shares what today’s new nursing grads look for in their first job.

Employer Branding Plays a Lead Role in These Healthcare Stories for Good Reason

These healthcare staffing companies have tapped into the power of a clearly-defined employer branding that enables them to woo healthcare candidates who are often difficult to attract.

System Administrator Interview Questions
When hiring a system administrator, interview questions and recruitment tactics need to be part of an overall strategy. Here's how to put it all together.

Need some help recruiting for a small business?

8 Success Stories to Inspire Your Employer Branding Strategy
Need some inspiration for your company's employer branding strategy? Attract, hire, and retain the best with these eight inspirational examples.
How to market a job and recruit top talent
There's an increasing need for recruiters to learn how to market a job in order to reach top-tier candidates. Monster.com can help you get started.
Unveiling Monster’s Vision for the Future of Job Search
The future of job search will include more tools to better vet candidates, more of a relationship-building approach, and greater efficiency.
How to Write a Job Description
Learn how to write a job description that attracts the right people, those who will be as committed as you are to taking your business to the next level.
5 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Strategy for Website Recruitment
Employers can change how they approach website recruitment to attract quality candidates. Here are a few small changes that can have a big impact.
5 Marketing Strategies for Staffing Agencies
Implement these top marketing strategies for staffing agencies to build a loyal client base, find top candidates, and stand out from your competition.
Best hiring tactics for recruiting tech talent
Read about the most innovative hiring strategies for recruiting tech talent. Find more resources for recruting and hiring at Monster.com
Some Staffing Firms Are Maximizing Profits—Can Yours Do the Same?

Low unemployment and an ever-growing demand for workers have brought bigger opportunities for staffing firms. Find out how some staffing companies are making the most of these advantageous but often challenging circumstances.