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Top 10 tips for creating a great Monster Studios video

Follow these tips to make compelling, professional-looking video job ads.

Top 10 tips for creating a great Monster Studios video

Why post text-only job ads when you can post ones that include videos of you or someone from your team talking directly to candidates about the position you’re trying to fill?

Video job ads let you do more than tell candidates about your jobs. They let you show what it’s like to work at your company, and describe in your own words, what makes this opportunity so fantastic.

More than that, video job ads can increase response rates. According to a recent Wisteria study, visitors spend 2.6 more time on pages with video than without. That’s more time for candidates to investigate your open position—and to decide whether it’s the right fit for them.

Since you’re not a professional video producer (don’t worry, you don’t have to be!), we’re thrilled to share Monster’s tool to help you make videos that you can add to your job ads: Monster Studios.

If you haven’t done so yet, download the app and start recording!

Before you dowe put together a few tips to help you make the best-looking video job ads—right from your phone!

Tip #1: Write short scripts

On the one hand, you want your script to be engaging and informative. On the other, you don’t want it to sound like a doctoral dissertation.

A short script can still convey a compelling message if you focus on just a few key points.

Start your video job ad with a short, to-the-point intro like “Hi, my name is Rosie Garcia here at the Acme Company. We have an open job for a project manager in our Cranford, NJ office”.

You can create your own script or make things really easy by using one of our sample scripts.

Tip #2: Put it on a tripod

Picture this. You’ve set up the perfect shot. You’re in the frame, your script’s rehearsed, and you’ve done a great dry run. You push record…and you sneeze. Your phone goes flying and your perfect shot is gone. Ugh.

For jiggle-free, sneeze-proof recording, always place your phone securely on a tripod standing on a flat surface. Trying to record with a hand-held phone is a recipe for video disaster. One that can easily be avoided with a tripod.

Tip #3: Use good lighting

You’re not shooting a horror movie, so there’s no need for eerie backlighting (i.e., standing with your back to a window).

You’ll also want to make sure the room you’re recording in isn’t too bright. The right lighting helps set the tone for the video. Make sure there’s no glare or shadows on or around your speaker(s) when you’re setting up to record.

Another tip: You could purchase an external camera flash to give your smartphone an extra light enhancer to use wherever you end up shooting your video job ad.

Tip #4: Use clean backgrounds

Candidates want to see you…not the crumpled coffee cups from the morning meeting that somehow wound up on your desk.

Eliminate distractions by using crisp, uncluttered backgrounds (but not blank walls – that’s too bland) so candidates can focus on you and your message.

Tip #5: Capture clear audio

Avoid sounding like you’re broadcasting from the moon or spitting into the phone.

Standing too far from, or too close to the phone can detract from what you’re saying, as candidates will struggle to hear you.

To get the best quality audio, stand or sit about four to five feet from the phone. Speak clearly and pace your delivery.

Tip #6: Use your own words

Candidates look for authenticity in a prospective employer.

Using your own words when you speak will go a long way to helping candidates gain confidence in you as an honest, transparent employer.

Although you want to sound natural, remember to rehearse what you want to say before you hit record to avoid mumbling and stumbling over your thoughts.

Tip #7: Follow your own brand guidelines

It may be tempting to stray from your company’s branding guidelines (would that really be so bad?), but don’t do it.

Your video is an opportunity to not only talk about your company and open job, but to also get your brand noticed.

Brand recognition plays a critical role in attracting interested candidates who fit your job and company.

Tip #8: Don’t regurgitate the exact job description

The objective is to add to your Job Ad, not to repeat the description verbatim.

Think of some creative ways to show off your culture (e.g., if your company is known for its highly collaborative culture, insert a clip of teams working together).

By showing, not just telling what makes your company and the job so great, you’ll give candidates more reason to want to apply.

Tip #9: Set candidate expectations

Don’t leave candidates hanging.

They’ve invested the time to watch your video, so you know they’re interested.

Give them something in return. Include in your script next steps for them to take, as well as a clear call to action like an Apply Now or Click to Apply button.

Tip #10: Practice makes perfect

It may take just one take, or maybe a few more.

The more you practice recording, the better the video. And the better the video, the more candidates will engage and respond.