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Recruiting and Hiring Advice

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How Technology is Changing the Recruiting Landscape

From mobile apps to advanced online search, recruiting is quickly evolving. Learn how to leverage the latest trends.


Use Social Media Monitoring to Track the Buzz about your Business

Author David Meerman Scott looks at how to use social media tools to monitor the buzz about your business.


The Dragonfly Effect: Social Media Strategies that Innovate

Learn to create social media strategies that cultivate social good, employee morale, customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Use Social Media to Win Clients and Influence the Hiring Process

Social media offers recruiters a competitive advantage in how to present a developed candidate to a hiring manager.


Social Nation: Harness the Power of Social Media to Drive Engagement

Author Barry Libert looks at how leading companies are using social media to create innovation and engagement.


Recruitment using Social Media: How to Turn Connections into Candidates

Chris Ferdinandi looks at how social media tools can help you attract new recruits as well as build your talent pipeline.


How to Reduce Employee Turnover? Refine the Job Description

Is employee retention a chronic issue? It could be due to a poorly-defined job description. These tips can help.


Resume Review: How to Find Qualified Candidates

How can you efficiently whittle down that big pile of resumes? Start by fine-tuning your job description requirements.


No Better Time than Now to Improve Job Posting Results

Assess your job posting skills to attract the best pool of job seekers for your position. These tips can help.


Social Media: Recruiting and Hiring

Monster’s Guide to Social Media and Work helps you explore key issues about managing social media and your employees.


Hiring Leapfroggers to Jump to the Next Big Thing

Hiring people with great skills is great – but if they don’t know how to innovate you’re selling your business short.

Monster Video: How Job Requirements Can Sabotage Hiring

In this Monster video, Roberta Matuson explains how finding great talent rests on your expectations and criteria.

Turn Good Recruiting into Great Recruiting

These strategies will help diversify your recruiting outlook and generate the ‘wow’ candidates that clients want.