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Recruiting and Hiring Advice

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Health Care Recruitment and Hiring Guide

What’s next in health care recruitment and staffing? Stay informed about health care recruitment and health care hiring with these articles.


Social Media and Hiring: When Potential New Hires are Searching YOU

Do you use social media to search on job candidates? It turns out that they’re also searching on you and your company.


Twitter and Recruiting: Practical Social Media Strategies

Looking for fresh ways to attract job candidates? Twitter chats provide a new avenue to connect with prospective candidates.


How your Business Can Attract Top Talent

No matter the size, your business can attract great talent and do so consistently. Start with these recommendations.


Recruiting Strategies: Recruit Large Company Employees

Candidates with large company experience can boost your small business to the next level. Make it a good fit.


Keywords Are the Key to Making your Job Posting Searchable

What’s the key to helping search engines find your posting? It’s all in the keywords. Use these rules to optimize your listing’s ranking.


Resolutions for Industrious Recruiters

Now is the time to refine your recruitment skills. Resolve to increase your success with these tips.


The Employer Brand Experience

So what is an employer brand anyway? Check out this excerpt from Finding Keepers for an in-depth explanation.


Five Essentials for Every Job Description

A job description should be clear and simple. These five steps will help your listing attract the right candidates.


Questions that Clarify Your Company Brand

Does your company brand reflect reality? Ask your employees. Their feedback can be invaluable in evaluating its authenticity.


Hiring Leapfroggers to Jump to the Next Big Thing

Hiring people with great skills is great – but if they don’t know how to innovate you’re selling your business short.

Monster Video: How Job Requirements Can Sabotage Hiring

In this Monster video, Roberta Matuson explains how finding great talent rests on your expectations and criteria.

Turn Good Recruiting into Great Recruiting

These strategies will help diversify your recruiting outlook and generate the ‘wow’ candidates that clients want.