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Recruiting and Hiring Advice

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Social Media Strategy: Is it Time to Hire a Social Media Officer?

Is your company’s social media strategy in need of more direction and know-how? Consider how to hire a social media officer.


Monster Video: Make your Company’s Recruiting a Stand Out

In this Monster video, Jon Picoult encourages small companies to create engagement throughout the recruitment process.


Small Business Blogs: Is Blogging Worth it for Small Businesses?

Are you contemplating a small business blog for your company? Start with the four attributes of successful bloggers.


Company Branding and Employee Social Networks: A Social Media Win-Win

Many savvy companies support their employees’ use of social networks, creating a win-win for their company brand.


Monster Video: Competing for Top Talent

This Monster video looks at how your small business can compete for top talent by using a great recruiting strategy.


Monster Video: Your Job Description is your Company Brand

In this video, Jon Picoult advocates that you treat talent acquisition like a business, including the job description.


Attract the Right Candidates with Consistent Company Branding

As you recruit candidates across multiple platforms, a consistent company brand becomes more important than ever.


IT Hiring and the Growing Demand for IT Skills and IT Talent

As the economy recovers, demand for IT skills and IT talent will continue to escalate. Author Judith Hurwitz weighs in.


Seasonal Hiring Guide

Seasonal hiring needs can create havoc with recruitment. These resources will help your contingent hiring process.


Get your Company Profile Moving! 6 Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Video is a great way to show your company culture. These professional tips will give your company video a professional look.


Hiring Leapfroggers to Jump to the Next Big Thing

Hiring people with great skills is great – but if they don’t know how to innovate you’re selling your business short.

Monster Video: How Job Requirements Can Sabotage Hiring

In this Monster video, Roberta Matuson explains how finding great talent rests on your expectations and criteria.

Turn Good Recruiting into Great Recruiting

These strategies will help diversify your recruiting outlook and generate the ‘wow’ candidates that clients want.