Talent Acquisition

Topics include: attracting employees, company branding, effective job postings, acquiring job candidates, interviewing, hiring practices, onboarding, employee referral programs, talent sourcing, the engagement cycle, and more.

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An HR team uses AI in the hiring process.
How to Use AI in the Hiring Process
How do you use AI in the hiring process? These tips will help you automate your recruiting efforts and find the right fit for your organization.
How to Hire a Project Manager for Your IT Needs
Looking to hire a project manager for IT? Here's how to spot key skills, from technical knowledge to the ability to identify issues and manage responses.
A restaurant manager.
How to Hire a Restaurant Manager
Here’s how to hire a restaurant manager who will create a positive dining experience and increase your restaurant’s profitability.
A server works in a restaurant.
How to Hire a Server
Knowing how to hire a server can attract candidates that bring more to the table, including the customer service skills you need.
A chef meets with her staff in the kitchen.
How to Hire a Dishwasher
Knowing how to hire a dishwasher can increase retention, increase efficiency, and help keep your restaurant running smoothly.
A woman works in a warehouse.
How to Hire a Warehouse Worker
Learn how to hire a warehouse worker with the skills you need and get your search for a capable logistics professional moving.

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How to Write a Job Description
Learn how to write a job description that attracts the right people, those who will be as committed as you are to taking your business to the next level.
5 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Strategy for Website Recruitment
Employers can change how they approach website recruitment to attract quality candidates. Here are a few small changes that can have a big impact.
5 Marketing Strategies for Staffing Agencies
Implement these top marketing strategies for staffing agencies to build a loyal client base and find top candidates.
Best hiring tactics for recruiting tech talent
Read about the most innovative hiring strategies for recruiting tech talent. Find more resources for recruting and hiring at Monster.com
Some Staffing Firms Are Maximizing Profits—Can Yours Do the Same?

Low unemployment and an ever-growing demand for workers have brought bigger opportunities for staffing firms. Find out how some staffing companies are making the most of these advantageous but often challenging circumstances.

Manufacturing Recruitment in a Tech Driven World
Hiring manufacturing employees in a dynamic and ever-changing economy is a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you connect with the right candidates.
Tips for Hiring Construction Workers
Hiring construction workers is a little different than hiring in most other industries. Here are some tips that can help you draw them in.
Hiring Manager vs. Recruiter: How to Collaborate
This plan for divvying up hiring manager vs. recruiter responsibilities and working together effectively will help you recruit top talent. 

Need some help recruiting for a small business?

You Had Me at Hello: How Recruiters Can Engage Candidates

When you boil it down, recruiting is a relationship business. Learn to engage candidates at the start – and keep them interested.

Need Interns? Get to Know Generation Z

Plan to recruit summer interns? Meet Gen Z. Their attitudes differ from Millennials in some significant ways.

4 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts
These strategies will help you improve your recruitment efforts so you're able to make a great impression and hire top talent faster.
How to Create an Employee Referral Program
Your employee referral program will help you reach more candidates and boost your employer brand, strengthening your company.
How and why to improve candidate experience
By making changes to improve the candidate experience at your company, you can protect your brand and talent pool. Get started by visiting Monster Hiring Solutions for the latest recruiting advice, hiring trends, and more.
Master Your Employer Brand with These Monster Resources

Learn how employer brand can help pull the right people toward your company and retain your most valued workers.

Make internship recruitment easier
Companies are stepping up their game when it comes to internship recruitment, with some even using the same tactics they use to recruit employees. Make sure your company doesn't fall behind by getting the latest in recruiting tips, hiring strategies, and more, at Monster.com.
5 Online Recruiting Strategies
These five online recruiting strategies will help you reach, attract, and hire the talent you need to run a successful business.