Master Your Employer Brand with These Monster Resources

In today’s crowded recruitment marketplace, your employer brand is a powerful differentiator.

Employer branding pulls the right people to your company and helps you retain valued workers.

Use the resources below to create an employer brand that reflects your company values and highlights its unique culture.

Attract Millennials with your Employer Branding
Bring the best and brightest Gen Y workers to your company.

Interview Questions that Reveal Your Employer Brand
Never underestimate the power of your employer brand, especially in candidate interviews.

Manage Online Reviews by Putting your Employer Brand First
Each response has the potential to impact your company’s image.

How to Curb Negative Employee Reviews of Your Company
Respond to their root cause and focus on employee satisfaction.

Evolve your Employer Brand as your Company Grows
Savvy businesses use employer brand to attract talent. Here’s how your company can too.

Internships Programs and Co-ops that Boost Employer Brand
Internships have become a means to seed the talent pipeline.

Watchfire Signs: The Power of Employer Branding
Employer brand is a focal point for this manufacturing company’s recruitment efforts.

Four Steps to a Successful Employment Brand
Every company — including your small business — has an employment brand. Learn more in this on-demand webinar.

Need More Resources to Boost Your Brand?

When you’re working to build your name recognition — and reputation — the recruitment process is rich in opportunities. But with an ever-changing market you need current insights from market experts to make sure you make the right connections. Stick with Monster for the latest in free hiring and recruitment resources for your business.