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Monster Video: Competing for Top Talent

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How can your small business compete for top talent?

Your small business can attract top talent as the economy recovers and employee turnover increases.

In this Monster video, Jon Picoult, Founder and Principal of Watermark Consulting, recommends that you start by assessing the professionalism of your company’s recruitment strategy.

Video transcript

By: Jon Picoult

For recruiting top talent , there’s always going to be great competition whether you’re in an economic down turn or economic boom.

So the recruiting experience that you orchestrate when you’re trying to woo top talent always has been and always will be important.

But what’s different now is because you have all this pent up employee turnover and you have so many people out there that are actively looking for another opportunity, or thinking, contemplating, polishing their resume getting it out there.

You’ve just got this swell of people that have their heads up saying, “Is there something better out there?” And what better way to demonstrate that there’s something better out there than how you treat them during that recruiting process.

Because recruiting activities are so notorious for being devoid of basic human courtesy and professionalism that those businesses that actually take the time to orchestrate a recruiting experience that is the exact opposite — that is highly professional, that is highly considerate and thought filled — they’re going to stand out, without question.

So with this talent pool that is out there, I think those job candidates are going to take notice, particularly after so many years of being used to throwing resumes into the black hole or having somebody promise to get back to them after an interview and then they never hearing back.

When they see a company that does operate differently, I think they’re going to take notice, they’re going to take the opportunities of that company more seriously and they’re going to refer other people to that company.

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