How to Conduct an Interview

Learn how to conduct an interview, including sample interview questions, how to follow up with candidates, and industry-specific interviewing tips.

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A woman interviewing a candidate on a couch
Good Follow Up Interview Questions to Ask
Interviewing skills are crucial to good hiring and management, and we can easily come up with a list of initial questions to ask, but there are good reasons for looking a little deeper.
A manager conducts employee performance reviews.
Icebreaker Questions for Interviews
When you use icebreaker questions for interviews, at least at the beginning, you improve the mood and allow interviewees to really open up.
A hiring team conducting a panel interview.
How to Conduct a Panel Interview
Follow these 5 steps to make the most of a panel interview , broaden perspectives on top applicants, and help you find better candidates.
Get More Out of Your Interview With Behavioral Questions
Simply asking about skills and experience isn't enough. Behavioral questions will help you learn how they work and whether they're a good fit.
A hiring manager asks a candidate behavioral interview questions.
Behavioral Interviewing for Employers: 5 Tips
Behavioral interviewing, a process of determining how a candidate may behave in a given situation, will help you better screen candidates.
A hiring manager asking a job candidate problem solving interview questions.
How to Ask Problem Solving Interview Questions
Asking problem solving interview questions, including behavioral and case-based questions, will help you assess a candidate's ability to think.

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Accountant Interview Questions: What You Should Ask
The right accountant interview questions will help you check all the boxes. From entry-level to senior-level accountants, here’s what to ask.
Web Developer Interview Questions To Ask
The right web developer interview questions can ensure you find the perfect fit for your business. Get started planning for your interview!
Chef Interview Questions: What to Ask
The right chef interview questions can mean the difference between a 2-star and a 5-star hiring process. Learn how to find the best head chef talent.
Architect Interview Questions and Answers
Hiring an architect? Ask these architect interview questions, including the best answers, to find someone who measures up.
Social Media Manager Interview Questions
Social media managers play key roles in today's businesses. Here are some social media manager interview questions to help you hire the right person.
Virtual Assistant Interview Questions
Here are key virtual assistant interview questions you should ask when trying to find a remote candidate who you can rely on to help manage your workload.
Delivery Driver Interview Questions
Hiring a delivery driver? Ask these delivery driver interview questions to find someone who you can trust to go the extra mile for your business.
Caregiver Interview Questions You Should Ask
Hiring a caregiver? Here are the key caregiver interview questions you should ask to find someone you can trust to care for your loved ones.

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Personal Assistant Interview Questions
Looking for a personal assistant? Use these personal assistant interview questions to identify candidates with the right skills and values for your company.
Video Interview Tips for Employers
Many companies are altering their recruiting strategies and conducting video interviews amid the coronavirus pandemic. To avoid technical difficulties and ensure a smooth hiring process, employers should follow these video interview tips.
Uncover the Candidate’s Communication Skills in the Interview
The best way to practice good communication? Interview questions that bring out the best in potential new hires. Get more insights on this and related topics by visiting
How to Conduct an Interview for Customer Service Skills

Great customer service requires a personable yet professional way to share information, receive feedback and listen carefully.

Five golden rules that take the stress out of conducting an interview
Take the stress out of the interview process. Relax, you can start by visiting Monster Hiring Solutions.
Your Next Leader Could Be Sitting Across the Table in the Interview

These interview questions can help reveal if the candidate has the traits your company will need in your next leader.

Rethink Behavioral Interviews: Move from Questions to Answers

Get better results from your behavioral interviews. Instead of your questions, focus on the answers you want to hear.

How to Ask Problem Solving Interview Questions
Asking problem solving interview questions, including behavioral and case-based questions, will help you assess a candidate's ability to think.