How to Conduct an Interview

Learn how to conduct an interview, including sample interview questions, how to follow up with candidates, and industry-specific interviewing tips.

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A woman interviewing a candidate on a couch
Good Follow Up Interview Questions to Ask
Interviewing skills are crucial to good hiring and management, and we can easily come up with a list of initial questions to ask, but there are good reasons for looking a little deeper.
A manager conducts employee performance reviews.
Icebreaker Questions for Interviews
When you use icebreaker questions for interviews, at least at the beginning, you improve the mood and allow interviewees to really open up.
A hiring team conducting a panel interview.
How to Conduct a Panel Interview
Follow these 5 steps to make the most of a panel interview , broaden perspectives on top applicants, and help you find better candidates.
Get More Out of Your Interview With Behavioral Questions
Simply asking about skills and experience isn't enough. Behavioral questions will help you learn how they work and whether they're a good fit.
A hiring manager asks a candidate behavioral interview questions.
Behavioral Interviewing for Employers: 5 Tips
Behavioral interviewing, a process of determining how a candidate may behave in a given situation, will help you better screen candidates.
A hiring manager asking a job candidate problem solving interview questions.
How to Ask Problem Solving Interview Questions
Asking problem solving interview questions, including behavioral and case-based questions, will help you assess a candidate's ability to think.

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Interview Questions to ask when Hiring Construction Workers

Behavioral interview questions can uncover if a job candidate has the skills and abilities needed for your construction job.

Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring Manufacturing Workers

Behavioral interview questions can uncover if a job candidate has the skills and abilities needed for your manufacturing job.

How to Interview for Leadership and Management Skills

Not everyone wants to be in charge. The interview process can help you discern if the job candidate has the potential to lead.

The Top Ten Interview Questions to Ask Millennials

Your interview questions for Gen Y job applicants should give them a chance to shine. Mix and match these ten job interview questions to find the right Millennial for your next job opening.

Use Behavioral Interviews to Build Team Diversity

Hiring recruits who mirror your current culture can be limiting. Behavioral interviews can help build team diversity.

How to Interview Candidates for Passion and Cultural Fit

Learn to conduct an interview to assess if the candidate will fit your company culture and has the passion of a top performer.

Sample Interview Questions: Receptionist

These sample interview questions will help you strategize your interviews with receptionist candidates.

To Hire the Best, Professionalize your Interviewing

Busy small business owners can dramatically improve their interview process with these simple steps.

Need some help recruiting for a small business?

Tips for the off-site interview set up
Maybe you need to shake things up for your next round of interviews. Consider an off-site interview set up that better suits your needs. Learn about this and other ways to go beyond the traditional interview with Monster Hiring Solution's expert recruiting advice, hiring trends, and more.
Physical Therapy Interview Questions
When competition for candidates is high, it's important to craft effective physical therapy interview questions that assess attitude and fit.
How to use exit interviews to reduce employee turnover
When used properly, an exit interview can provide your managers with a wealth of information and lead to better employee engagement. Learn more about exit interviews, and recruiting and retention strategies at
How to Use Stay Interviews to Improve Retention
Here’s exactly how to use stay interviews, which are conducted with current employees, to strengthen your company culture and keep top talent.
Interview Questions to Get to Know a Candidate

The right interview questions can benefit you and the candidate – resulting in a more engaging and informative interview.

Interview Tips for Hiring In Demand Skills

The interview questions you ask in-demand candidates may make or break their decision to sign on with your firm.

Interview Training for Your Staff: Tips and Resources
Interview training for managers is necessary to hire the right people for your company. Here are the steps to take and the resources to help along the way.
Start your Succession Planning in the Interview

In the next interview, as you search for your next superstar, keep in mind the end goal — succession planning.