How to Conduct an Interview

Learn how to conduct an interview, including sample interview questions, how to follow up with candidates, and industry-specific interviewing tips.

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A woman interviewing a candidate on a couch
Good Follow Up Interview Questions to Ask
Interviewing skills are crucial to good hiring and management, and we can easily come up with a list of initial questions to ask, but there are good reasons for looking a little deeper.
A manager conducts employee performance reviews.
Icebreaker Questions for Interviews
When you use icebreaker questions for interviews, at least at the beginning, you improve the mood and allow interviewees to really open up.
A hiring team conducting a panel interview.
How to Conduct a Panel Interview
Follow these 5 steps to make the most of a panel interview , broaden perspectives on top applicants, and help you find better candidates.
Get More Out of Your Interview With Behavioral Questions
Simply asking about skills and experience isn't enough. Behavioral questions will help you learn how they work and whether they're a good fit.
A hiring manager asks a candidate behavioral interview questions.
Behavioral Interviewing for Employers: 5 Tips
Behavioral interviewing, a process of determining how a candidate may behave in a given situation, will help you better screen candidates.
A hiring manager asking a job candidate problem solving interview questions.
How to Ask Problem Solving Interview Questions
Asking problem solving interview questions, including behavioral and case-based questions, will help you assess a candidate's ability to think.

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How to Interview: Recruiting Team Players

Does your business model depend on hiring team players? Learn how to find them by asking the right interview questions.

Interview Questions to Ask Overqualified Candidates

Interviewing an overqualified candidate is like dating someone out of your league. Start by sharing your company vision.

Interview Preparation: Use an Interview Guide for Better Hiring

An interview guide will enable your team to have a structured and fair interview process to choose the best job candidate.

Interview Questions to Determine Work Ethic
Asking interview questions to determine work ethic and other key traits can keep you from making a costly hiring mistake. Learn more about interviewing at
Sample Interview Questions for Hiring Administrative Support Workers

These sample interview questions will help you strategize your interviews with administrative support candidates.

Sample retail interview questions
Not everybody can be a great retail salesperson, which is why it's important to know what questions to ask your applicants. Get help finding your next hire, and much more, at
Sample Medical Receptionist Interview Questions
As you consider hiring your next medical receptionist, interview questions are the best tool to decipher skills. Here are sample questions to get started.
Accounting Clerk Interview Questions
These accounting clerk interview questions can help you address the right topics during the interview and ultimately find the best candidate.

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Telemarketer interview questions: Samples and tips
Knowing what to look for is key when you're formulating your telemarketer interview questions. Give your business a leg up in hiring and retention by getting expert insights into this and much more at
Sample Bookkeeper Interview Questions
Here are some common bookkeeper interview questions that will give you insights into a candidate’s background and their ability to perform the job.
Sample customer service interview questions
Finding the right customer service rep means asking the right customer service interview questions. Learn how at
Sample office assistant interview questions
These sample office assistant interview questions can help you find the best candidate for your open positions. Learn more about at
How to Interview for Great Results: Hire Winners, Not Whiners

Knowing how to interview for attitude will help you hire winners and avoid hiring whiners who tend to complain and blame.

How to Conduct a Panel Interview
Follow these 5 steps to make the most of a panel interview , broaden perspectives on top applicants, and help you find better candidates.
Improve Your Interviews with a Post-Game Review

Gathering your hiring team together after the interview is often the key to making a good hiring decision.

Innovative interview techniques for employers
Anyone can conduct an interview, but creative recruiters use the most innovative interview techniques. Learn more from Monster Hiring Solutions.