How to Conduct an Interview

Learn how to conduct an interview, including sample interview questions, how to follow up with candidates, and industry-specific interviewing tips.

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A hiring manager interviews a chief marketing officer candidate.
Chief Marketing Officer Interview Questions to Ask
Use these chief marketing officer interview questions to find a CMO for your organization who can shape and lead your marketing efforts.
A retail store associate helps a customer.
Retail Interview Questions to Ask
Add another stellar employee to your team with these retail interview questions that will help you make better-informed hiring decisions.
A recruiter asks a candidate different types of interview questions.
The Best Types of Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates
Ask these types of interview questions to learn more about job candidates and make informed hiring decisions.
A hiring manager interviews a chief marketing officer candidate.
The 21 Best Situational Interview Questions to Ask
Ask these 21 situational interview questions to get a clear view of how job candidates will perform on the job.
A woman works in a warehouse.
Manufacturing Worker Interview Questions
Ask the right manufacturing worker interview questions to pinpoint applicants with the potential to increase production and profits.
A receptionist greets clients.
Receptionist Interview Questions
These 22 receptionist interview questions can help you find the right person to greet visitors and represent your values.

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Improve Your Interviews with a Post-Game Review

Gathering your hiring team together after the interview is often the key to making a good hiring decision.

Innovative Interview Techniques for Employers
These innovative interview techniques will help you find a right-fit candidate who will make your team more successful.
Best Interview Questions to Ask Candidates
You wrote an effective job posting but what are the best interview questions to ask candidates? In general, you want to learn how they think and how they work, beyond just skills and experience. Learn about this and more at
Employer Interviewing Guide: Best Practices
This employer interviewing guide from includes multiple resources to help you prepare, ask the right questions, and hire the best people.
Preparing for the job interview: Tips for Interviewers
The interview process is a crucial step in finding the right candidate, which can make things a bit stressful for the person doing the interview. Get useful interview tips for interviewers, and more, at
5 Interviewing Mistakes Hiring Managers Should Avoid

Lack the time for candidate interview preparation? At minimum, learn to avoid these common mistakes.

Good Follow Up Interview Questions to Ask
Interviewing skills are crucial to good hiring and management, and we can easily come up with a list of initial questions to ask, but there are good reasons for looking a little deeper.
Small business tips: Mastering behavioral interview questions
If you’re like most small business owners, you have little time to become a hiring expert. Behavioral interview questions can help dramatically improve your small business hiring results.

Need some help recruiting for a small business?

How to Create an Interview Checklist for Employers
Use these simple interview checklist tips to stay focused before, during, and after your meetings with candidates.
Sales Recruitment: Interview Questions to Find Top Performers

Successful sales recruitment depends on your asking interview questions that identify candidates with real sales DNA.

How to Avoid Questions You Can’t Ask in an Interview
You can avoid questions you can't ask in an interview by staying away from certain topics. Learn more about those topics -- and how to get around them.
Interview Body Language: Non-Verbal Communication

What non-verbal signals should you watch for during the interview? Expert Sharon Sayler suggests doing a walkabout.

How to Conduct an Interview: Questions to Ask
As you determine how to conduct an interview, here are tips on using questions to identify a candidate's compatibility, desire and emotional intelligence.
Interviewer: Be Prepared to Answer the Candidate’s Questions

You won’t be the only one asking questions during the job interview. Be prepared by reviewing this list of questions.

How to interview candidates, not educate them
To help to reduce hiring mistakes, make sure job candidates do their interview homework and you don’t do it for them.
Conducting an Interview: Candidate Interviews that Get Results

Conducting an interview successfully depends on knowing how seekers prepare for it. Frances Haynes and Daniel Porot explain.