How to Conduct an Interview

Learn how to conduct an interview, including sample interview questions, how to follow up with candidates, and industry-specific interviewing tips.

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A hiring manager interviews a legal associate.
How to Prepare for a Job Interview: Tips for Interviewers
It’s not just the applicant who needs to worry about how to prepare for a job interview. Employers need to implement interviewing best practices.
A hiring manager interviews a chief marketing officer candidate.
Chief Marketing Officer Interview Questions to Ask
Use these chief marketing officer interview questions to find a CMO for your organization who can shape and lead your marketing efforts.
A retail store associate helps a customer.
Retail Interview Questions to Ask
Add another stellar employee to your team with these retail interview questions that will help you make better-informed hiring decisions.
A recruiter asks a candidate different types of interview questions.
The Best Types of Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates
Ask these types of interview questions to learn more about job candidates and make informed hiring decisions.
A hiring manager interviews a chief marketing officer candidate.
The 21 Best Situational Interview Questions to Ask
Ask these 21 situational interview questions to get a clear view of how job candidates will perform on the job.
A woman works in a warehouse.
Manufacturing Worker Interview Questions
Ask the right manufacturing worker interview questions to pinpoint applicants with the potential to increase production and profits.

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How to Conduct a Peer Interview
These peer interview tips can help you find the right candidates, making your team and company more successful.
Improving Interview Skills: Learn from the Experts

Are you a good interviewer? Interview experts Frances Haynes and Daniel Porot share their insight on improving interview skills.

Top 10 Phone Interview Questions
Use these 10 phone interview questions to get a quick and detailed profile of candidates and to find out if they meet the requirements for the job.
Sample Interview Questions: How to Interview

Use these sample interview questions to help improve your interview skills and hire the right person.

7 Top Interview Strategies for Hiring Candidates
These simple interview strategies will help you zero in on great-fit candidates so you can find your next great hire fast.
How to Interview Someone
This advice for how to interview someone will help you get the information you need to hire someone who is the right fit.
How to Develop a Successful Interview Process
Here's exactly how to create an effective interview process to make your hiring process more effective and efficient.
How to Ask Legal Interview Questions
How do you know whether you're asking legal interview questions? Find out how to get the information you need without the legal liability.

Need some help recruiting for a small business?

Behavioral Interviewing for Employers: 5 Tips
Behavioral interviewing, a process of determining how a candidate may behave in a given situation, will help you better screen candidates.
5 Tips for Small Businesses to Handle Job Interviews

As a small business, resources might be limited making it good practice to have an effective interview process in place.