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Veterans Career Confidence Index: May 2012

Veterans Career Confidence Index: May 2012

To support Monster’s second analysis of veterans transitioning into civilian employment life as part of the Veteran Talent Index: May 2012, Monster surveyed over 900 veterans in April 2012.

This group included those who have been out of the military either through discharge, separation, or retirement, as well as in the National Guard and Active and Inactive Reserves in the past five years and those who will be leaving the military in the next year.

Monster also surveyed over 900 U.S. employers who had hired an employee with prior military experience in the past year.

The April 2012 survey revealed 75% of veterans, up from 73% in the prior report, agree that their military skills are valuable in civilian careers. Despite this recognition, veterans are increasingly frustrated and show a lack of confidence about their ever-expanding job search.

As part of the Veteran Talent Index, the Veterans Career Confidence Index monitors veterans’ confidence to find a job combined with the level of skills they acquired during and after the military.

The Veterans Career Confidence Index dipped to 54, compared to 56 in November 2011, on a scale of 0-100.

The slight shift downward is attributed to a lack of confidence in finding an appropriate job and lack of preparation for their transition to civilian work.

1) Veterans confidence in finding a job — only 29% of respondents are confident about finding work that suits them, down from 44% in November 2011.

2 ) Most important skills acquired by veterans during or after the military – the list of most important skills acquired during or after the military was consistent with the prior report and includes (in order of importance): attention to detail, teamwork, decision-making, self-discipline, problem solving, and calm under stress.

3) Preparation for the transition out of the military – less than one-half (47%) of respondents feel they are prepared for their career transition out of the military, down from 52% in November 2011.

4) Military skills are relevant to civilian careers — 75% of respondents are confident that the skills learned in the military will translate to civilian jobs.

Monster will continue to monitor veterans’ job search conditions as well as the success and challenges employers face in recruiting them.

Monster’s Job Search Activity Index and Employer Veteran Hiring Index will provide an ongoing and quantified metric to gauge these populations in the years to come.

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