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Understand the Hiring Landscape for Veterans

Understand the Hiring Landscape for Veterans

In January 2011 things looked pretty dismal for America’s veterans. 

The veteran unemployment rate reached an alarming post 9-11 high of nearly 10%. Veterans themselves, a population whose success on the battlefield inspired a nation, lacked confidence with only three out of ten believing they had the ability to achieve career success outside of the military.

Today, the overall veteran unemployment rate is half that of 2011. And according to the 2015 Monster Veteran Talent Index (VTI), to be released on July 28th, two-thirds of employers report they hire veterans not out of a patriotic obligation, but because employers believe veterans are the best qualified within the candidate pool. 

Some additional VTI findings:

  • Nearly 51% of veterans feel very confident they'll be able to find a civilian job; this is significantly higher than the average rate of 36% since 2011
  • Up from an average of 56% since the fall of 2011, 67% of veterans feel prepared for transition out of the military
  • An impressive 70% of veterans are very confident they'll be successful working as a civilian

Visit the Veteran Talent web page on July 28th to download the most recent release, a comprehensive analysis of transitioning military service members, veterans, and their employers.