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Small Business Management Guide

Small Business Management Guide

Monster offers a wealth of information and resources for small businesses. Learn how to navigate the recession, check out how other small businesses are thriving as well as regulations and laws that could affect your business. If you need hiring advice, check out our complete hiring guide for small businesses.

Workforce Management

Small Business Onboarding: Acquiring Candidates More Efficiently - Every business, even smaller ones, can utilize best practices for onboarding new employees. 

Upgrading the Talent in Your Business – Learn to cultivate a team of A-players who can deliver better results and improve your company's overall performance.

Make Hourly Workers Your Best Secret Weapon – Does your company depend on an hourly workforce? Keep them satisfied and motivated to reduce turnover costs.

Turn Your Staff into a Team – Does your staff have the know-how to function as a team? If not, they're likely not reaching their maximum potential.

Managing Overqualified Employees – What's the best way to manage an overqualified employee? Learn how to turn an often difficult situation into a win-win.

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Managing Small Businesses in a Recession

Managing and Motivating Your Team in Stressful Times – How can you coax your team to accomplish more with fewer resources and dollars? Start by creating a culture of respect.

How to Ask More of Your Employees in Tough Times – Downturns challenge us to do more with fewer resources. Learn to ask more of some employees without alienating others.

Four Color Press (4CP) – Ft. Worth, Texas – Read about how 4 Color Press, a Texas-based small business print shop, manages to keep business flowing during the economic downturn.

Ashley Furniture Home Stores – Ashley Furniture makes a point of hiring employees who deliver on customer service. The results are worth the extra effort.

Wolfe Laboratories – How does Wolfe Labs, a small biotech company, manage to hire great people? Find out in this profile.

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Small Business Regulations and Laws

IRS Audit: Do You Misclassify Temporary Workers? - Do you regularly use independent contractors or freelancers? The IRS may be interested in how you pay them.

Small Business Employment Guide: Five Important Laws to Know – Be aware of laws that affect the workplace. Take this five-question quiz to learn if your business is compliant.

How to Prepare for a Compliance Evaluation – This detailed guide will familiarize you with OFCCP resources and walk you through the compliance evaluation process.

Minimum Wage Law and Trends: What Can Small Businesses Expect? – The Federal minimum wage increase was big news in 2009. Be sure you're aware of minimum wage laws that vary by state.

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