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Product Update: Monster is Making some Monstrous Improvements to Help You Find the very Best Talent

We’re improving our site and products to make the job search process easier for both employers and candidates.

Product Update: Monster is Making some Monstrous Improvements to Help You Find the very Best Talent

By: Conal Thompson, Chief Technology Officer, Monster

If you’re like most people who work in talent acquisition today, finding the right candidates is a huge hurdle in the process of filling the massive pile of reqs in your inbox. A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) finds that filling the pipeline is the greatest challenge for recruiters, with one of the top reasons being a low number of applicants.  

We all know that talent is key to your business’s success—not to mention your success—but what if you can’t find the talent? 

Trust me, we get it. Our new leadership team at Monster has been spending a lot of time recently talking to customers, with the aim of becoming more relentlessly focused on your interests. We’re committed to improving our products and developing new solutions that will help you find qualified candidates faster. 

We’re already hard at work on some of these changes, and I hope to write to you regularly to let you know what we’re up to. 

To start, I thought I’d tell you about some of the work being driven by my colleague, Stephen Noel. Steve joined Monster in July as vice president of audience, from a 17-year tenure at Thomson Reuters. One of his first priorities has been improving the infrastructure of our job seeker experience. 

As a Monster customer, you might ask, why are you focusing on seeker first? Because a better job search experience for the candidate will mean better results for you—more applies, but also better ones. In fact, we’ve already seen significant increases on job views and applications through our site.  Here’s a taste of what he’s been doing to get us there:

1. We’re giving your jobs greater visibility in organic search.

It’s hard to ignore a tall, purple monster covered in fur (have you seen our new ad, by the way?).  That’s the kind of visibility we want for your jobs, to make it so the right candidates can’t miss them. 

To get you more exposure, we’ve started by taking a hard look at our site mapping and structured data to identify opportunities where we can improve our search optimization. 

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s an ambitious undertaking—we have more than 15 million pages, which was pretty taxing to Google crawlers. So we started by prioritizing the indexing of our job pages over all of our other pages, and Google has now properly indexed 95.8% of the job pages we’ve submitted via site maps. Largely owing to these initial efforts, job views on Monster have more than doubled since May. 

2. We’re delivering faster results.

With all that you’ve got on your plate, you’ve got no time to lose; same for our job seekers, who are often balancing their job search with an actual job. 

Google research shows that the average time to load a mobile landing page across the web is 22 seconds, yet 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. 

In preparation for Google’s mobile index, knowing that a higher page speed positively impacts Google’s ability to index the site, and recognizing that speed is an important part of good user experience design, we’re working to quicken our page speed. A faster page speed will improve our rankings in search, reduce departures from our site, and should increase the number of applications your ads receive. Our goal is to get our load speed down to under 3 seconds.

3. We’re partnering with Google.

As you’ll recall, Monster is one of Google’s launch partners in the release of their feature in Search to help make the job hunt easier. And as I’ve said before, it’s a natural partnership for us, as Google’s business is all about making connections and being accessible—two things we’ve always strived to do at Monster. 

Since Google’s feed was established in July, we’ve seen millions of job views from the search engine—and a threefold increase in traffic from organic search and we expect to see the numbers continue to grow as we continue to learn. 

Google’s job feed is still new and powered by a black-box algorithm similar to how the engine has always crawled and indexed content. So while there are some clear-cut rules, we’ve found that job-search optimization is similar to search-engine optimization, and we’ll need to continue to test new methods to boost our jobs’ search rankings.

I want to thank you for investing in us, and trusting us with your business as we continue to improve. I also want you to know that this is only the beginning of the big changes you’ll be seeing from Monster with the aims of delivering better outcomes. When it comes to finding talent, you’ve got a Monster in your corner. And your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Conal Thompson
Conal Thompson is chief technology officer for Monster. In his new role, he aims to help Monster better connect customers with candidates via technology. Before joining Monster, Conal was the CTO for Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society and was CTO of the Intellectual Property & Science information business unit of Thomson Reuters.