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Social Media Recruiting
Social media is reshaping our world, including the connection between job seekers and employers. Joe Budzienski, Vice President of Product and Technology at Monster, discusses the latest trends in social media, recruitment and Twitter.

Your Social Media Business Strategy
How effective is your company’s social media?  Learn to create a social media strategy that attracts both the talent you need and the customers you seek with insights from Patrick Gillooly, Director of Digital Communication and Social Media at Monster. 

Staffing Industry Trends
The rise of social media and demand for hard-to-find job skills challenged the staffing industry in 2015. Jay Rogers, Vice President of Engineering Recruitment at Randstad, explains how those challenges were met and looks ahead to 2016 staffing trends.

Dealing with Difficult People at Work
Problematic people at work can have a negative impact on workplace productivity. Psychiatrist and author Mark Goulston offers insights from his latest book, “Talking to Crazy,” on how best to handle irrational workplace behavior.

The Power of Caring for Employees
Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman is committed to using the power of business to build a better world by treating every employee with integrity. Chapman shares his passion for creating a work environment based on caring and findings from his book, Everybody Matters.

The Importance of Soft Skills
The soft skills, says author Bruce Tulgan, are proving to be a bigger challenge for many employers to find, particularly when hiring younger workers. Bruce shares insights from his latest book, Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to Today's Young Talent. 

Create a High-Performance Culture
Are you maximizing employee performance? The key is in the data, says author Lindsay McGregor. In this podcast, Lindsay shares findings from her and Neel Doshi's book, Primed to Perform

Building an Authentic Company
What does it take to have an authentic company? Gareth Jones, author of Why Should Anyone Work Here, explains the six attributes of authenticity in this Monster Hiring podcast that create great company cultures. 

The Sex Partition in the Workplace
According to author Kim Elsesser, the workplace sex partition is dividing men and women, often creating gender inequity and bias. Here more about the research from her book, Sex and the Office (Taylor Press Publishing), and how companies are attempting to break down the sex partition. 

Workplace Wellness
Does your workplace promote well-being and safety for employees? Laura Putnam, author of the book Workplace Wellness that Works (Wiley, 2015) explains how any company can boost employee productivity through workplace wellness, without breaking the bank. 

Authentic Leadership
True leadership begins with authenticity. Bill George, best-selling author of the best-selling book True North, shares stories and leadership skills from his latest book. Learn how anyone – from line managers to CEOs – can find their True North and personal authenticity.

Millennials in the Workplace 
How do Millennials decide where to work and how can employers keep them engaged? We ask some Millennials to share their career aspirations and job search techniques — and we hear expert advice on how to engage today’s Gen Y workers from Ron Piccolo, a professor of management at the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Motivating Employees 
Are you ready to flip the traditional work pyramid? Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst explains how his company is increasing passion and improving performance by embracing an open organizational model. Learn tips on providing encouragement and motivation for employees.

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