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Staffing Trends to Track in 2014

Staffing Trends to Track in 2014

How can you prepare your staffing firm for the New Year?

Watch our 2014 staffing trends video and get ready to accelerate your staffing business in 2014.



Start by:

Moving past your current pricing structure

  • Rate sheets are out – variable pricing is in 
  • Price each deal individually so your company can move with the economy — and you can drive more business

Then, be sure to:

Diversify your company’s strengths

  • Staffing specialization can be a plus, but it can also lead to dead ends
  • Keep your business moving by diversifying across industries, job functions and client size

As you diversify your business:

Keep an eye out for on-demand labor

  • When companies need specialized talent – they need it now 
  • Create a network of on-demand labor lets you and your clients ramp up fast

Along the way, look for:

Contingent staffing models

  • These might include Vendor Managed Staffing, Managed Service Provider and Statement of Work

As you find top talent don’t forget about:

Temp to perm 

  • Companies often hire temps to audition new talent
  • Permanent placement of a temp employee can be profitable for your business

As your business accelerates, remember to:

Keep your team happy

  • Reward your team members based on the quality of people they recruit
  • And do all you can to keep your top performers happy

And no matter where the road takes you:

Keep selling

  • Whether business is up or down  
  • Make outbound calls to prospects every day
  • Spread the word about your company’s services — whether your clients are hiring or not

Drive your staffing firm to success in 2014!

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