Administrative Job Description Templates

Whether you’re hiring an office manager, dispatcher, or a virtual assistant, we have detailed administrative job descriptions that you can use to find the right candidates to support your office.
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Office Clerk Job Description Template
You can edit this office clerk job description template to attract qualified candidates to your organization.
Mail Carrier Job Description Template
It takes high energy and customer focus to manage a mail route. A detailed mail carrier job description can help you locate candidates and address your hiring needs.
Mail Clerk Job Description Template
Addressing your business’s need for a reliable employee to keep your mailroom in order is not easy. Make it simpler with a first-class mail clerk job description.
File Clerk Job Description Template
Need help organizing and preserving your business’s most valued documents? Use this file clerk job description to find a candidate who is up to the task.
Collector Job Description Template
You can customize this collector job description sample to find someone who can recover debt quickly so that you boost your bottom line faster.
Virtual Assistant Job Description Template
Use this virtual assistant job description sample to write a listing that attracts the right candidates.
Administrator Job Description Template
You can edit this administrator job description template to quickly find someone who will make your team more efficient and effective
Resident Assistant Job Description Template
Need help managing a college residence hall? Use this free resident assistant job description template to jump-start your hiring process today.
Stock Associate Job Description Template
Need help managing your inventory? Here's a free, customizable stock associate job description template that can get you the workers you need, quickly.
Office Administrator Job Description Template
Edit this office administrator job description to attract great-fit candidates for your team and organization.
Office and Administrative Job Descriptions
Need more office support? Turn to our office and administrative job descriptions, optimized for search and performance. See more at
Shipping Clerk Job Description Template
Need someone to help with shipping operations? This free shipping clerk job description will get you the best candidates. Download and customize it today.