Collector Job Description Template

Collector and her colleagues working on client cases.

When you’re hiring a collector, it’s crucial to find someone who has the customer service skills to successfully recover debt. The right hire will make your debt collection process more efficient and effective so that you boost your bottom line faster.

A successful hiring process starts by writing a job posting that attracts collectors with the necessary combination of technical and interpersonal skills. It can be helpful to collect intel by looking at collector job postings on Monster to see how other companies are hiring.

If your collections team is short-staffed and can’t keep up, you’ll likely want to make a thoughtful hire as soon as possible. You can save time by customizing this collector job description sample to meet your hiring needs.

Collector and her colleagues working on client cases.

Collector Job Description

[Intro Paragraph] Think of this section as an elevator pitch for the role and your company that convinces capable collectors to apply. Show that your company is a great place to work by describing its history, culture, mission, values, and accolades. Attract driven collectors by discussing professional development opportunities such as training programs and career trajectories.

Collector Job Responsibilities: Use this section to share a comprehensive list of the responsibilities so collectors know what to expect and can determine whether they have the necessary skills. For example, you might be looking for a collector who:

  • Works with coworkers to set debt collection strategies.
  • Leads the debt collection process for assigned customers.
  • Contacts customers by phone, email, and mail to recover a debt.
  • Keeps detailed notes and records of all communications and actions.
  • Answers questions customers have about billing statements.
  • Negotiates partial repayments and payment plans when possible.
  • Keeps track of payment due dates and sends reminders.
  • Updates the account status when the debt has been paid.
  • Investigates billing errors and disputes and follows up with customers.
  • Sends necessary paperwork to customers and credit bureaus promptly.
  • Maintains confidentiality and the utmost discretion.
  • Collaborates with lawyers if legal action is required.
  • Uses debt collection software, skip tracing software, and public records databases.
  • Complies with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as company policies.

[Work Hours and Benefits] This is where you’ll specify whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time collector and whether it’s a contract or permanent position. Stand out from your competition by showcasing the benefits your company offers, such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, bonuses, and certification reimbursements. If you know the salary rate or range, it’s helpful to include it.

Collector Qualifications and Skills: Use these sections of your collector job description to share the necessary and preferred requirements so candidates know whether they’ll be considered qualified. For example, you may want to include the following:

  • Collaborates with coworkers and has strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excels at customer service and negotiation and stays calm and professional.
  • Learns quickly and has strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Communicates effectively and has strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Works well independently and has strong project management and organization skills.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • At least [number] years of collections, customer service, or sales experience is required.
  • A Professional Collection Specialist (PCS) designation or higher from The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals is strongly preferred.

[Call to Action] The best collector job postings include an invitation to apply. Provide instructions for how to apply from the job board or your company’s website. If you have information about the hiring timeline and process, it can be valuable to include it so that candidates know the next steps.

Put Your Collector Job Description to Work

Once you edit your job description, your next challenge is to reach qualified collectors. Make the most of Monster’s global reach and search tools to quickly find someone who will be an asset to your company. Maximize your return on investment with a free job posting.