Virtual Assistant Job Description Template

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As a small business owner, hiring a virtual assistant can be a game-changer for increasing overall productivity or for streamlining processes in one specific area of your business. Once you’ve defined the purpose of the role and created measurable goals to quantify success, it’s time to write the virtual assistant job description.

Today’s virtual assistants complete a broad range of tasks from administrative to bookkeeping to social media management. Many of the service providers are also small business owners who can support their clients either per project or on a continuous basis. That makes providing potential candidates with a clear job description a critical part of attracting the right candidates.

This virtual assistant job description sample provides a general framework and specific content suggestions for crafting a stand-out listing. Mix and match elements of the template to customize it according to your requirements. Also, it’s good practice to separate the “must have” virtual assistant skills and experience from the “nice to haves” so that you don’t miss out on qualified candidates.

Woman on her cellphone at her computer

Virtual Assistant

[Intro Paragraph] The introduction to your job description is where you provide an overview of the company. Write about how your company serves its customers, what makes your company stand out, and its overall values and culture. Use these three to four sentences to highlight any industry awards your company has received, industry leadership positions, and consumer recognitions. Finally, this section of the virtual assistant job description is a great place to infuse your company’s personality into the language as a way of communicating company culture.

Virtual Assistant Job Responsibilities (Executive Support Role):

  • Respond to emails and phone calls
  • Manage the CEO’s calendar (including scheduling meetings)
  • Book travel and accommodations
  • Create presentations and write official, company-wide correspondence
  • Track CEO’s spending and prepare expense reports
  • Manage weekly content and posts on company’s social media accounts

[Work Hours & Benefits] For both full-time employees and contractors, flexibility is a top consideration when evaluating job opportunities. The decades-long trend of an increasingly remote workforce rose steeply during the COVID-19 pandemic (which began in 2020). Companies across most industries are predicted to continue moving toward less direct oversight, more trust, and clear accountability metrics as the new model for ensuring that a remote workforce thrives.

Because virtual assistants are not at a worksite with you each day, it’s important to communicate whether you require them to be available during specific hours. Keep in mind that it isn’t uncommon for virtual assistants to be based in the Philippines or other foreign countries, so stating your preferred working hours in your time zone will help filter out applicants who can’t meet that requirement.

The following considerations will help you decide on work hours to include in the virtual assistant job description:

  • Will this person work with customers or vendors who need a response during specific hours?
  • Do you need the virtual assistant to be available for internal company meetings?
  • How often will you require the virtual assistant to report progress on projects or ongoing tasks?

Be sure to include the time zone for the work hours so that the candidate is clear about whether that translate into early mornings or late nights in their specific time zone.

Since your virtual assistant will likely be a part-time or contractual employee, they likely will not be eligible for traditional benefits like health insurance. But, if your company offers other perks such as discounts for online services, access to membership websites, or reimbursement for job-specific training, this section is where to highlight them.

Virtual Assistant Qualifications/Skills (Executive Support Role):

  • Previous experience as a virtual assistant or related role
  • Strong working knowledge of MS Office and/or G Suite (specifically word-processing and spreadsheet software)
  • Experience with online meeting software (like Zoom or WebEx), online chat/instant messaging, and group sharing platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Proficient with online calendars and scheduling (like Calendly or Google Calendar)
  • Excellent writing, verbal communication, and time management skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills and the ability to complete tasks with little supervision
  • Social media content management

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • High school diploma
  • Two to four years of experience as a virtual assistant, executive assistant, or other executive administrative support role
  • Proven experience managing content and posts on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram)

[Call to Action] This is the part of the virtual assistant job description where you provide the next step in the application process. Instruct the candidate to apply via an online portal or to send an email with a cover letter and resume attached. Be sure to include a request for any other items like writing samples or handles to social media accounts they’ve managed.

Let Monster Help You Search for a Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant job description sample is a guide to get you started. Overall, communicating clear expectations and detailed skill requirements will help you attract the right applicants. When you’ve finalized the job description and are ready to officially launch your search for a virtual assistant, find great candidates by posting the job listing for free on Monster.