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Make Your Job Posting Accessible to Screen Reader Software

Make Your Job Posting Accessible to Screen Reader Software

The following tips will help make your job posting accessible to visually impaired people who use screen readers:
1.    Provide text alternatives for images.

2.    Provide captions and/or transcripts for multimedia.

3.    Be sure that information expressed in color is also stated clearly in text. Example: A green button contains the text "Apply Now." The text alternative for this image should avoid any reference to color. Example: "Activate  this button to apply for the job."

4.    If your job posting contains an image map (a graphic image that contains different clickable areas that link to different destinations), you should provide alternative text for the image and each clickable area.

5.    Some users may be susceptible to seizures caused by strobing or flashing effects. Do not use designs that include flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, or regular moving patterns.

We require that employers include complete job descriptions in text and not rely solely or primarily on graphics or tables. If included, graphics and tables should include proper mark up or alt tags to ensure that job descriptions will be accessible to blind persons.

Monster Accessibility Statement

At Monster, we're committed to making our website accessible to everyone. We regularly test our site to identify usability issues and improve accessibility. Current accessibility features include:

  • Alternative text for appropriate images and other non-text elements
  • Title attributes for information about links and browser windows
  • High-level contrast text for better visibility
  • Providing device independent accessibility with mouse as well as keyboard
  • Structural markup to indicate headings, labels and lists to aid in page comprehension
  • Association of all data cells in a data table with headers
  • All web pages appear and can operate in simple way
  • Providing help-text/tips to correct keying mistakes
  • JavaScript and style sheets to enhance the appearance and functionality of the site
  • Supportive ARIA for better coverage of screen reading

We are continuously improving our website and working to make it more accessible. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us.